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Displacement Monitor Wabup Hadari Adang Fishing Boat West Coast Pangandaran

Displacement Monitor Wabup Hadari Adang Fishing Boat West Coast Pangandaran, NEWS Pangandaran. Vice Regent Pangandaran Adang Hadari review the process of placement of a fishing boat that was moved from the West Coast Pangandaran to PPI (Fish Landing Harbor) Cikidang in Babakan Village, District Pangandaran, Thursday (11/07/2019).

In the review Wabup Adang Hadari accompanied by Head of Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Food and the Head of Tourism and Culture.

The transfer of policing berth boat off the West Coast is a series arrangement Pangandaran Pangandaran Beach.

“Control is in the framework of the arrangement of beach in which there are cruise boats and fishing boats to shore unsightly and make visitors to be comfortable, feel at home, feel at home and will be back here,” said Vice Regent.

He continued, policing itself implemented once approved and agreed by the owner of the fishing boat.

“At perinsipnya they follow our program in the structuring of the coastal region. They agreed to put in order and move to PPI Cikidang, “he said.

But according Wabup, fishermen expect Cikidang bridge between the ports.

“They had agreed they were ready to be moved. In the past the problem of housing, housing now been prepared. But yesterday the condition adds, there must be a bridge. The reason is that through public roads are vulnerable because they bring grobak than play machines. Now dibikinkan temporary bridge crossing, “said Adang.

Meanwhile, Head of Unit PPI Cikidang, Rukman convey, Cikidang PPI can accommodate hundreds of boats.

“The pool can accommodate 160 boats was only one line. If developed into a two row boats reached the boat with a record 300 vessels of origin does not interfere with navigation vessel “he said

“That was the original plan but in Overall Cikidang PPI is expected to reach 800 vessels including ships with more than 5 gross tons” added Rukman

Continued overall number of vessels in the PPI boat Cikidang now reached 600 pieces

“The boats are up to 10 new 25 gross ton vessel, the total number of fishing boats leaning against the PPI Cikidang now there are about 600 pieces of” added Rukman.

In addition to monitoring fishing prahu peroses placement, Vice Regent also review the temporary bridge construction is expected to be used fishermen to commute from and to PPI Cikidang.

Besides this bridge is the hope of the fishermen not to turn into the area of ​​the highway, which is feared could lead to an accident. (Iwan Mulyadi / WP)

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