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Transat Jacques Vabre. Dalin: “We remain in regatta mode”

Transat Jacques Vabre. Dalin: “We remain in regatta mode”

Charlie Dalin and Yann Elies stay focused … to the line. (Photo Apivia)

It has less than 200 miles to go, Charlie Dalin and Yann Elies are on the highway of happiness to Salvador de Bahia, which is ready and waiting the ext percussion. Although they remain cautious and focused because, as the line is not crossed … this feels good. They are expected to Salvador de Bahia to 23 pm (Brazilian time), 3 pm French time.

This is probably the last day at sea Charlie Dalin and Yann Elies aboard “Apivia”. The first IMOCA is expected in the Bay of All Saints to 23 local time. At night, they should win the 14th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre in Le Havre Normandy. But this Saturday afternoon in fees, the Le Havre skipper remained cautious and focused even if his voice was pointing a smile. “It just ease off, we had 15-16 knots but this fell to 13. It is more advance than 16 knots. But the sea is almost smooth, it was quite pleasant sailing conditions, “Dalin told.

Fishermen and freighters

Obviously in the back of his head, there’s a thought to the finish line but the double champion of France of offshore racing, winner of the Transat AG2R in 2012 knows that it can always happen things at sea: “We met a lot of fishermen last night that did not AIS. We spent the night looking for the little white lights they have to identify. Be careful and avoid trouble by arrival. We also crossed some freighters. We were not very close to the coast, “he said. Miles parade, Salvador de Bahia is approaching, “I have not redone the calculations but should be midnight GMT (21 pm Brazilian time French time 1 h) outside of the Bay,” the skipper breath of “Apivia”.

“Closer to the finish as the second of us”

Aboard the new Verdier, the two men are on the navigation: the reaching leg is seeking and must not make the same mistakes that: “We passed the point where it is closer to the finish that the second of us, “says Charlie Dalin but pragmatic, he continues:” we try to make maneuvers to preserve the boat. ” Indeed, this is not the time to break. And calmly, he continues: “We will try to play with the wind conditions we have at best. We continue regatta way to the end because we do not necessarily know how to do otherwise. ” And for now, it does well in Cartesian Dalin and intuitive Elies …

The final stretch is on to both of them and behind that fight strong. Second place is not over yet …

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