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Gujan-Mestras: rebuilding the Petit Mousse, the emblematic boat Public garden of Bordeaux

Gujan-Mestras: rebuilding the Petit Mousse, the emblematic boat Public garden of Bordeaux

After sailing for more than a century Petit Mousse had disappeared from his public garden of water plan of Bordeaux in 2005. Too damaged to be renovated is currently under construction in the shipyard Dubourdieu Gujan-Mestras.

Gujan-Mestras, France

Le Petit Mousse, walk boat emblematic of the Public garden of Bordeaux, is currently under construction in a shipyard in Gujan-Mestras. In 2005 the ship badly damaged by time, had to leave his small Bordeaux ocean where it was sailing since 1893.

An association was created to save him from the case. But Petit Mousse was in too poor condition to be renovated. The Bordeaux patrons have decided to put their hands in the pocket to rebuild identically. Work started at the shipyard Dubourdieu Gujan-Mestras.

The hull is now complete. Emmanuel Martin, owner of the site touches fingertips. Le Petit Mousse is a unique figure, a hybrid boat at the crossroads of several models.

It looks like a big toy, a mixture of Viking ship, gondola and pinasse

– Emmanuel Martin, site Dubourdieu

The small foam carried more than five million passengers, he traveled the equivalent of three round the world on a body of water of only 500 meters long. This exceptional ship was worth a methodical reconstruction with still some technical improvements under the hull. “In terms of regulation, to obtain the navigation license you have to change the shape of the hull. For the rest, it will be seen, the look of the boat will be completely identical” says Emmanuel Martin.

Le Petit Mousse regain its Bordeaux ocean next spring in the presence of the 22 patrons who financed this reconstruction. 22 sponsors for the 22 seats of the boat.

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