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Dear flights, two students at Open “unsustainable expenditure, the South through foreign spare 1000 euro ‘

Dear flights, two students at Open “unsustainable expenditure, the South through foreign spare 1000 euro ‘

This is the complaint of Emmanuel and Henry, two Sicilian brothers who have found a loophole to get around the high cost of flights. Return to the South remains a luxury for Christmas

Return home to spend Christmas with their families has become a luxury with prices that can reach 800 euro for a stop at one of the airports in Sicily. These difficulties become insurmountable barriers for students away from home, for those kids that are financially supported by their parents.

This is the case of two Sicilian brothers, Emmanuel and Henry, who study in Emilia-Romagna and to reunite his family on Christmas day, they found a loophole to get around skyrocketing prices of airlines, even low cost .

240 € instead of 1200

As we have documented for you, by flying abroad can save hundreds of euro. “The Bologna-Catania would have cost 600 euro a / r, multiplied by two, it is 1200 Euros. An unsustainable spending for our family, “they are told in a video sent to Open.

So the idea of ​​”control the international routes”: “Prices range from 10 to 30 Euros each way at most. We have chosen the Bologna-Malta to 10 € (with Ryanair, editor’s note), then the catamaran Malta-Pozzallo. The cost? 120 euro a / r upside. ”

Data in hand, 240 € instead of 1200 Total (in two). “We will use half a day to go home, it’s not a big waste of time ‘explain’ in the face of substantial savings.”

“You come back to talk about territorial continuity”

And finally throw a loud and clear message to the political hope that “a return to talk of territorial continuity.” The Deputy Minister for Transport, Giancarlo Cancelleri, Sicily, has promised to Open an amendment providing social tariffs for certain categories of people (students, workers and the disabled), so as to apply a discount of 30% to 50% for each ticket purchased .

At the moment, though, it’s business as usual and for many it suggests a bitter Christmas where to buy a plane ticket remains a mirage. And, in a flight research done by Open this morning, you find that a Milan-Catania (the dates December 21 to January 6 2020 ed), Alitalia, have to shell out the beauty of almost 700 euro.

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