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Students visiting Sri prize at Salone

Students visiting Sri prize at Salone

Twenty of the most deserving students selected from high schools of Turin, Pavia, Verona and Sestri Levante, attended the training day on sustainable finance in Milan as a “journalist for a day”

Sustainability will learn from young people. Well aware that high school students, Wednesday, November 20 were to sustainable finance lecture at the Salone SRI 2019, organized by ETicaNews at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan. Twenty students, selected from four classes of secondary schools in Turin, Pavia, Verona and Sestri Levante, arrived in the city of Milan with the task of “Journalists for a Day” for the project Unipol Eos “Cases of life.”

The training day was the culmination (and reward) of a path of financial education began during the last school year. At first, the member classes studied six training modules on personal experiences of risk, decision making, development of solutions and prevention. The boys are then divided into teams and have carried out a simulation of business risk management and risk prevention at the enterprise level. The projects were evaluated by a jury selected by the insurance group UnipolSai, and the authors of the best works were rewarded with participation in the fourth edition of the SRI Lounge and the opportunity to take part in a crash course in journalism with the drafting of ETicaNews . Participants learned the basics of the trade: how to identify a piece of news, write an article, or take notes at speed.

Notebook and pen in hand, twenty young reporters began training day following the conference “ESG and private banking,” in which he discussed how responsible finance comes in assets. After a brief review of the fundamental elements for the creation of a news story and sustainable finance concepts that emerged during the meeting, the boys practiced in the preparation of an article, always accompanied by a journalist of writing ETicaNews in the guise of ” tutor “. Divided into teams to geographical origin, they have achieved what in slang is called a “short” news with all of the fees for publication in an online magazine.

After the elaborate collective correction, the young reporters were divided into new groups (this time by mixing the different schools), to try their hand at another typical journalistic work experience: the interview. The objective of the activity was, in fact, to deepen their knowledge of the issues through the questions Sri operators in the various stands. The boys have so discovered how to apply in practice the principles of responsible finance and what are the different actors working in this field. They saw that the impacts of sustainable investments made here in Italy can reach the Amazon rainforest; They have experienced the thrill of sailing on a catamaran that collects waste in the ocean through virtual reality, and the more adventurous you are not meant to discourage even the language barrier, coming to conduct some interviews in English.

At the end of the day, students have written a more extensive article, which summarized the formative experience lived and all the knowledge and skills acquired Sri salon. The works will be published on the Unipol Eos platform project. The young reporter-for-a-day will have the satisfaction of seeing published his own labor.

Alessia Albertin

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