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Tourism: Guyana, authentic and oversized

Tourism: Guyana, authentic and oversized

Guyana is enjoying in its juice: one alluvium released into the Atlantic Ocean by the Amazon River stain greyish beige and ocean currents bring its 300 kilometers of coastline and beyond. Thus, the medium is incredibly rich: the coastal mangrove and countless species of fish are good examples. From the sky, yet it is the green that dominates when you arrive. The tone is set with almost 85% of its territory covered by the Amazon rainforest, this department overseas 84 000 km2 – the equivalent of Portugal – never ceases to surprise. Starting with the first breath of fresh air: warm – around 30 degrees – and humid.

Isle Royale, we see the Dreyfus in prison on Devil’s Island. A wall was built in front of its windows so he could not even see the blue waters.

Kourou spaceport in Europe

This is the Guiana Space Center (CSG) that are launched at present over 50% of communications satellites. If the figure is impressive, visit the place is not less. After passing two huge bridges (including that of the Cayenne River, off 1.2 km), three tracking radars, perched on a hill, indicate in the scope of 690 km2 of the CSG. It is the only center that is open to visitors free of charge in addition. One can discover the facilities, attend a launch of one of the five official sites, explore the savannah with the National Forestry Office once a month, or explore the Museum of Space (only he is paid). With unforgettable key, as launchers rockets including the Ariane 5.

The poignant spent prisons

Contemplated the catamaran, the color of the water changes with the approach of the Hi islands. But his beautiful blue has he could sweeten the plight of convicts dumped by France on this archipelago from 1795? The weight of this history has long hampered tourism. If buildings have been restored as the home of the director of Isle Royale, visit the ruins of the dormitory of imprisonment on St. Joseph Island where 160 convicts were sleeping or see off the Dreyfus lonely imprisonment on the island of devil turns in strong emotions. The reality of the time obvious in the church, where the forger Lille Francis Lagrange has painted everyday life. And the past is catching up in this dream.

Most of the buildings that hosted the convicts are in ruins. But you can stay on Île Royale in the supervisors neighborhoods.


The Guyanese cuisine with vegetables and fragrant fruit, sprinkled with spices. In fish, special mention Never tasted and Totoaba red, two local species.


That Guyana products do not arrive quite on our stalls in the metropolis as their delicious wild shrimp.

Fondling a caiman in the swamps of Kaw Cross the Kaw mountain to reach the swamp you rolled over 50 km through a forest full dense surprises: toucans in the treetops, a track to see the rare cock-of -Roche, cobwebs as small cradles … Down the road, a pier under construction suggests canoes waiting. To take you amongst others a few kilometers away, on the lodge floating frame by Jean-Louis Antoine, a Parisian arrived in Guyana that’s more than forty years. The place is magical, overlooking the savannah bordering the river itself as observation post of the mountain in the background. This will sound the cries of howler monkeys at sunrise. But before that, we settled in beds, hammocks where you spend the night … Later. We enjoy with a good deal of red corvina (fish) and a gratin of plantain bananas. Here we go again: the night takes us on the water, the guide Ricki holding the bar. He jumps from the dugout, his arm already raised by the head of a caiman one meter fifty. All eyes on what Fefe – their sweet name in Guyana – while it is learned. The villagers asleep even stroking her belly. It’s our turn to touch before it reparte in his swamp. We meet others of its congeners, red eyes on the side or baby nestled in tall grass. The sounds of wildlife tenfold the mystery of the night walk. Exhilarating. or

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