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COP 25: the point on the climate conference opens in Madrid

COP 25: the point on the climate conference opens in Madrid

Representatives from 196 countries are currently in Spain to establish a plan to fight against global warming.

As every year, the United Nations Organization opened this Monday in Madrid, a new international conference or “COPs” – COP 25 – to gather nearly 200 countries for two weeks. The subject of this COP 25 is to clarify and ensure the implementation of measures to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. At the Paris climate agreements at COP 21 in 2015, a number of nations were committed to reduce pollution at the end of 2020 to reach a goal of limiting the increase the earth’s temperature just 1.5 ° C by 2100. Since then, some governments have withdrawn particular the United States, one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide in the world.

There are about three months, the Climate Action Summit in New York by the United Nations urged the world leaders to take a stand on the climate emergency. Many of them have pledged to move towards carbon neutrality in their countries by 2050. Some have even promised to increase their financial contribution to the “green screen” to help countries in their ecological transition. French President Emmanuel Macron, was especially announced to commit to a reduction target of 55% of emissions of greenhouse gases within the European Union by 2030 (compared to 1990). One of the main expectations around that COP 25 is precisely that of an announcement of EU countries: the latter would make Europe “the first continent in the world carbon neutral” by 2050.

COP 25 – like Greta Thunberg, currently en route to Madrid aboard a catamaran – wants to remind that it is “time for action”. Only 68 of the 196 countries participating in the conference have indeed ensured respect the Paris Agreements. However, they account for only 8% of global emissions of greenhouse gas. To achieve the desired goal of 1.5 ° C, the UN certifies that would reduce emissions by 7.6% annually from next year. With COP 25, its general secretary, Antonio Guterres, intends to both solidify the plans already prepared by some and convince others, like China, to do the same. Nevertheless, the tense and hasty organization of the conference does not help. Madrid is indeed a plan C last minute. Brazil, initial host country withdrew its participation following the election of climatosceptique Jair Bolsonaro. As for Plan B, Chile, he was forced to cancel due to significant social protests against his government.

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