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Golden Ball ceremony of 2019 .. De yacht best player upward for the year 2019

Golden Ball ceremony of 2019 .. De yacht best player upward for the year 2019

Dutch international Matthias de yacht, defender Juventus, named the best player upward capped in 2019 “Cuba”, during the ball ceremony of gold, which was organized by “France Football” magazine Monday evening, on the stage of “Chatelet” in the French capital, “Paris.”

Made de yacht’s performance this year as Ajax he led to the semi-finals of the Champions League stunning and rivaled the English Sancho wing Dortmund strongly, which provided an exceptional season with Borussia Dortmund.

It is noteworthy that Killian Mbaba, striker Paris St Germain, who won the award is “Cuba”, the best young player in the world last year, to present the award during the current ceremony.

The list included candidates won the award both, Dutch Matias de yacht, Juventus defender, and Brazilian Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid wing of the Spanish, and German Kay Havertz, Bayer Leverkusen and French Mathieu Jndozy, star midfielder Arsenal, and Andriy chromatin, Real Madrid keeper currently on loan to Valladolid, next to the Portuguese Joao Felix, the player Atletico Madrid, and the Italian Moyes Keane, striker Everton, and are serious Sancho, the star of Borussia Dortmund, German, South Korean Lee Kang said, the player Valencia, and Nigerian Samuel Hokwezy, player Villarreal.

He revealed the magazine “France Football” French about the criteria for selecting the best player in the world, was chosen as the best player through the vote, which was with the participation of a group of journalists from around the world.

Each press selects the best 5 players from the list of 30 candidates from his point of view the first and gets 6 points, and then the rest of the players 4 points, 3 points, two points and points respectively.

In case of equal players in the number of points, wins the player who exceeds the number of times to get first place to vote, and in the case of the continuation of equality are resorting to the number of times to get second, then the third, fourth and fifth, respectively, and if equality continues, is made a new vote between the players equals.

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