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Climate, Francis Pope urges “swift action” to COP25

Climate, Francis Pope urges “swift action” to COP25

The Conference underway in Madrid receives an authoritative contribution. On climate, Francis Pope urges “swift action” to COP25, and to all those who can do something to change the situation urgently. Maximum harmony with Italians activists.

This was the message sent by Pope Francis to participants at COP25 in Madrid: “The growing awareness” of an intervention on climate change “is still too weak, unable to adequately respond to the strong sense of urgency to field quick actions requested by the scientific data at our disposal “. A recommendation to those who have the power to change the situation urgently.

Meanwhile Greta Thunberg, the main protagonist of Swedish activist movement for Future Friday, arrived in Lisbon, Portugal. It took twenty days by sea, on board of The Vagabond, a sailing catamaran of 14 meters. Boat moored around at 13.45 yesterday on the dock of the marina in the Portuguese capital, where several dozen environmental activist awaited symbol of the fight against climate change due to environmental pollution.

The next stage of Greta is Madrid, where he will attend the COP25, the World Climate Conference of the United Nations. Of course, it reaches the goal with a means of non-polluting. The conference will close on December 13 in the Spanish capital.

Last Friday fourth Fridays event for Future Climate, in the streets of more than 100 Italian cities, organized by Network of Knowledge, Students’ Union and links. A movement that is still very effective in awakening the interest in the issue at the “powerful” according to Pope Francis. Even the rain that flooded Italy in November influenced the attitude of the protesters for the climate. “Climate change has already devastating effects, as we saw with the extraordinary high water flooded Venice. They go to zero emissions by 2025, while the Italian Government in the Stability Law provides for the confirmation of around 19 billion annually in environmentally harmful subsidies until 2040, including unnecessary incentives to polluting company cars. The Government did not submit a Green New Deal, rather we see a Green New Fake, “says Giacomo Cossu who announced:” We will also in the square on December 6 at the big rally of young people in Madrid, against the irresponsibility of the powerful of the world ” .

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The activist added: “We want a radical change in the economic system, so the squares we will launch a powerful message to the world that will meet 2 to 13 December at COP25 in Madrid: just propaganda, there is no time.” Italians activists are therefore in full agreement with what he says about climate Papa Francesco: recommended “fast track actions” to COP25.

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