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Greta Thunberg arrived in Europe: the landing in Lisbon after crossing

Greta Thunberg arrived in Europe: the landing in Lisbon after crossing

Greta Thunberg arrived in Europe

“Earth!”, So Greta Thunberg announces its arrival in Europe after two weeks of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a catamaran.

The young Swedish activist shares on social picture of the Lisbon coast, port city, dawn.

“Land ahoy” writes Greta, showing the lights of the city on the horizon and the ocean is still dark.

After two months elapsed between the United States and Canada to participate in the UN climate summit and take part in various events (including the global strike to the climate of Montreal and the meeting with the actor Leonardo di Caprio), Greta Thunberg is back in the old continent to attend the COP25, the UN climate change conference being held in Madrid December 2 to 13.

The summit was initially to be held in Santiago, Chile, but was moved about a month ago following protests involving the country. So Greta, he thought of finding the “right” side Ocean to attend the conference, he had to find a “zero emission” passage at the last minute, making an appeal on social.

A responding were two famous Australians youtuber, who accompanied on his boat Sailing “The Vagabond” from Virginia to Lisbon, along the route of the Atlantic.

It was welcomed in the port of the Portuguese capital a group of activists who celebrated his arrival with dancing and drumming.

The direct arrival of Greta

Soon the young activist will reach Madrid to pay as always his face important environmental cause of which he is a champion.

It may also like every 2 seconds around the world a person migrates due to climate change and natural disasters begins today in Madrid Cop25, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change “Because the climate does not lead to the streets many people like politics?”: Fridays for future launches challenge to the Sardine

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