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Laurent Moser (Naval Group): “I spent the four best years of my life”

Laurent Moser (Naval Group): “I spent the four best years of my life”

Laurent Moser will head towards the site of Toulon Naval Group, beginning in January 2020.

Laurent Moser leaves the direction of Lorient Naval Group to rally Toulon site. It leaves a growing site and where he spent “the four best years of his life.”

The house “Lorient Naval Group” is she well?

Lorient The site is growing. 2200 people work there. The 150 employees joined in 2019 and this will continue. All sectors, from design to production, are concerned. The contracts of five IDF (defense frigates and intervention) for the Navy provides good visibility for the next ten years. Added to the draft two corvettes for export with the idea to win others. It relies particularly high hopes on the Greek market. This results in human investment and equipment more than € 40 million over three years by 2020.

When I arrived in Lorient, I had built a project with three goals: human to have motivated and efficient workforce; at customers and today, the returns are very good, they are very happy with what their book and in terms of performance to gain competitiveness. Before arriving in Lorient, I knew nothing of shipbuilding, I have discovered everything; I just had the four best years of my life.

We absolutely need to get there. For boats that are built for the Navy to be the lowest cost possible, we must at all costs provide the all export we have sites able to produce.

The share of export is increasing year by year. Across the group, in 2014, it accounted for a quarter of sales, the objective being to increase to 50% within ten years. At the end of fiscal year 2018, it was 30%.

Over the past 28 ships built in Lorient, thirteen were for export.

Apart from surface ships, there are large projects that will ramp up as the Barracuda submarine program (conventionally powered) twelve of which have been ordered by the Australian navy.

Kership (alliance Piriou and Naval Group) was created to make us competitive in the construction of some armed vessels such as patrol where Naval Group is not well placed economically. Although he was given the activity in the coming months, there is more kership employees working on the site Naval Group.

They have their own activity Rohu with the control hunters Belgian-Dutch mines and three patrol boats for Argentina. This is of no interest to integrate the site must stand on its own.

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