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Lisbon, the arrival of Greta Thunberg catamaran. VIDEO

Lisbon, the arrival of Greta Thunberg catamaran. VIDEO

The young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg arrived in the port of Lisbon (PHOTOS), returning from his journey to zero emissions – sailing – in the United States. Greta will participate in the Cop 25, the UN Climate Conference held in Madrid.

The crossing Greta Thunberg

The sixteen year old icon of the struggle against the changes, in September last year, arrived in New York after a 15-day transatlantic crossing aboard the yacht Malizia II, made available by Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Monaco. A medium chosen because it does not pollute (is equipped with solar and hydro two electric panels), unlike the aircraft, which produces carbon dioxide emissions.

The return from the US to Europe

In November, the Swedish activist is shared today by the US, exactly Salt Ponds in Hampton, Virginia, to Europe, after having asked for and got a ride following the relocation of the climate conference in Chile in Madrid. The announcement was herself on Twitter. “I am very happy to say that I hope to make it to be the Cop25 Madrid,” wrote Greta, explaining that she was offered a ride by the Australian pair of YouTubers Riley Whitelum and Alayna Carausu aboard a catamaran of 48 feet, called the Vagabond, a boat with zero emissions.

The Battle of Greta for the environment

Greta has become a symbol of the battle against climate change after the beginning of last school year he decided to go on strike on Friday, overseeing the Swedish Parliament to sensitize MPs on emergency climate. His initiative, relaunched quickly by the media and social, has inspired thousands of young people around the world leading to the birth of the movement ‘Fridays for future’.

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