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Sailing, Vittorio Bissaro: “Centered the goal of the day, make four good results”

Sailing, Vittorio Bissaro: “Centered the goal of the day, make four good results”

Vittorio Bissaro, paired with Maelle Frascari, in the four races today of the Nacra Sailing 17 World Cup have won one, then fourth, fifth and eighth place (the latter discarded) and place it well in fifth position in the standings general.

These Bissaro the statements at the end of today’s races: “To start with a win is definitely a good way to inaugurate a World Cup. The other tests were unfortunately a little ‘less brilliant, however we hit what was the goal of the day, or do four good placings. At the start of a World Championship it is important to be there: to have the right approach without taking too many risks. ”

Continues the blue: “We are pleased with how things are going, the approach workouts have been positive, we feel fast. The race course is very complex, each board is different, so much so that we decided not to mount your compass is more important to shop around to focus on the numbers, and now it seems to be working. We are aware that it is only the first day and that the road is still long, but we are calm and focused. ”

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Photo: Facebook Page Vittorio Bissaro

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