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Your 5 unmissable festivities in Dreux

Your 5 unmissable festivities in Dreux

From the station to the royal chapel of the market covered instead Métézeau, the city of Druids, with the support of several partners (Trade Union, associations, schools, etc.) will look its clothes of light and provide multiple animations, December 6 to January 5. The program in five unmissable.

1 / The Christmas market takes volumePour the first time, it takes place three weekends in a row (the 7-8,14-15 and 21-22 December). “It is a municipal commitment to meet the demand,” says Jean-Michel Poisson, Deputy Mayor for Trade fairs and markets. Another new artisans (local products, jewelry, clothing, candy, gift ideas … and hot chestnuts) will square Métézeau but also in Great Street and the Pitfalls.

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With a limited number of cabins (40), the City can not meet all demands. “Cottage constraints, we can provide merchants huts pop up canvas *. They can contact the service.

2/25 years FlambartsOn do not change a winning formula … The event, from 6 to 8 December will carry the city in a big festival of lights, sounds and street theater (regatta Friday, December 6, 18 hours with more than 50 participants) ?; Saturday show Astro diva, instead Mésirard, 18? h? 15 ?; fireworks at 19 pm, pulled the royal chapel ?; Sunday parade (large Dreux) from 15 hours ?; Aguilaneuf before the belfry, at 17 am, with launch coconut balls and final Great Street in a large dancefloor.

Christmas festivities: the Flambarts celebrate their 25 years in Dreux

Deputy mayor in charge of culture, Christophe Le Dorven explains: “We expect at least one thousand people for the parade of the great Dreux with many associative cliques or clubs, schools, neighborhood committees, the City of Vernouillet but also professional companies. ”

3 / Slip on the ice! This will be possible by Friday, December 6, until Sunday, January 5. Installed in High Street, this area of ​​200m2 will host various events including the presence of mascots, gala, Delight show on December 20, a DJ night and novelty, an introduction to curling and ice hockey. ** For the practice of skating, elected specify “that it is mandatory to come with gloves.” As for the price, it is 3 € (1.50 € for children under 25 years).

4 / Make your letter to Santa! The dedicated mailbox will be available as of 6 December in the courtyard of the Hotel-Dieu, near the Tourist Office. The character famous white-bearded will stroll the streets weekend of December 15 and 16 and will be visible in his chalet (Hotel-Dieu yard) on Saturday 21 and Sunday, December 22. horse-drawn carriage rides will be offered the same weekend.

5 / Night walk new look with horse show

The tourist office organizes a historical discovery of the city lights Friday, December 20, at 17:30. This tour, called “Fairy” will be completed by Christmas carousel, proposed a show at the Royal Chapel in the equestrian theater Cautivo (Chérisy), “combining equestrian art and fairy tale.” Reservations: Price: 3 € (Reservations at the Tourist Office:

(*) For the huts pop up, contact the commercial department of the City ( or mail:, UCAD union or non-sedentary traders. (**) The rink will be open from 11? H? 30 at 14 hours and 16 to 19? H? 30. During school holidays, 9? H? 30-19? H? 30. The December 24 and 31, 9? H? 30-18 hours ?; December 25 and January 1, 14 and 19? h? 30. Weekends, 10 to 20 hours. December 25 and January 1, 14 and 19? H? 30.

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