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Yacht-style James Bond turns into a submarine under water

Yacht-style James Bond turns into a submarine under water

If you are fond of movies secret agent James Bond famous, it will be the yacht is the best place for you, to ensure that hide from prying eyes and spies, where it can be through diving under Alme.khevc newspaper Daily British miles from a luxury yacht was developed in Italy, where he is often liken Balghosh, where full privacy guarantees for the rich and Almshahuran.ozkr report, the yacht design, which called Carapace, a length of 8 times of buses, and can be submerged at a depth of 300 Mitr.oodhav report, the designers boast that he can through diplomats and businessmen, mobility on board to hold important meetings to hold the pain Treaties and interviews in secret Tamh.ooodh that the yacht with a length of 256 feet, equivalent to 78 meters, features a body made of aluminum, as you can see picturesque views through the underwater and is submerged to a depth of up to about almost 985 feet to the equivalent of 300 meters as it becomes available for guests to enjoy views of the ocean from one of the many sun loungers on its upper surface or swimming in the swimming pool which is located in the rear of the ship.

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