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4 teams competing in the World Series. Max Sirena: “Cagliari special place”

4 teams competing in the World Series. Max Sirena: “Cagliari special place”

4 teams competing in the World Series. Max Sirena: “Cagliari special place”

More than a regatta of sailboats. A true legend. This is the America’s Cup, a competition was born in 1851 but still able to raise millions of fans around the world. A historical event that lives on today during the presentation, on the basis of the “Luna Rossa” Molo Ichnusa Cagliari, Sardinia the World Series America’s Cup sailing,

which will host Cagliari, 23 to 26 April 2020, the first stage for the conquest of the Prada Cup, a prestigious trophy and indispensable to compete for the title of the current America’s Cup ‘Defender’, Emirates Team New Zealand. There will be four teams players of the 36th America’s Cup, Pirelli Prada Luna Rossa, Team UK Ineos, the NYYC American Magic and the ‘Emirates Team New Zealand. Official confirmation of the absence of the other teams in Cagliari Use, Stars and Stripes, arrived today for Laurent Esquier mouth. The best team will be decided, as well as Cagliari next April, in the UK in June and in New Zealand in December 2020.

An event that goes beyond simple sports competition for Laurent Esquier, CEO Challenger of Record36: “For us it is an exceptional event and Cagliari have won his competition, surpassing other nine Italian location for this stage, a large piece of a large mosaic He called America’s Cup, a myth known throughout the world and was born in 1851 with the victory of the schooner America, a sloop of 29 meters which tore the British the hundred Guinea Cup. After winning the crew issued the challenge also deciding the rules and the requirements of the boats of the competitors. Since then, the rules have been decided by America’s Cup team that won the trophy and if we are still fans after 160 years this competition can only be a myth. ”

The America’s Cup World Series Sardinia will be the first event of the 36th edition of the Cup and a great opportunity to promote Sardinia in the world, according to the Regional Councilor for Tourism, Gianni Chessa: “This event is an international leading edge event that no only will be able to attract thousands of tourists but mainly to know Sardinia in Europe and worldwide. We’re working hard to be able to host events of this magnitude in our island. dub overcome ‘of no’ policy and bridge our structural deficiencies and problems cultural. We are investing 4 million in this event, but we expect to get a huge return, both in terms of cost and image. ”

Also present was the Director of External Relations Prada Group, Francesco Longanesi Cattani: “The Prada involvement in this competition is higher than in previous years. In order to win the America’s Cup teams will have to first win the Prada Cup. This is a fantasy world where every the person responsible for making known the legend of the America’s Cup. We strongly believe in Luna Rossa, we sponsor since 1997, as we attach great importance to sailing and to environmental sustainability programs. We believe, too, that will be a first class event plan capable of promote Sardinia and the City of Cagliari “.

More details on the races next month of April 2020 were offered to the press by Matteo Plazzi, Technical Director Challenger of Record36: “In the first three days of racing teams will compete in a race course off of Sant’Elia, through the round robin, or round-robin where each team will meet twice opponents, while Sunday, April 26 there will be the final stage of Cagliari. there will be many attractions during the four days of Cagliari that will allow everyone to learn more about the world sailing and the competition itself. ”

Also present was the mayor of Cagliari, Paul Truzzu: “The City Council will make important investments and in synergy with the Sardinia Region. We believe that this sporting event will bring thousands of visitors to enjoy and explore our city.”

Particular enthusiasm was registered with the arrival of the skipper and Luna Rossa Prada Team Director Pirelli, Massimiliano “Max” Sirena, recently became an honorary citizen of Cagliari: “This event will bring together the cream of world sailing and Cagliari deserve to be on the frame next April. This city has welcomed us in a way nothing short of special and would say that it is a special place and all it takes to become the capital of sailing in the Mediterranean. I thank all the local authorities, with we work every day with a great spirit of collaboration. “

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