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In Quebec as well, in 2019 we will laugh

In Quebec as well, in 2019 we will laugh

When Montrealers have laughed at the past year, it was the turn of the citizens of the national capital to bidonner.

After further which will stretch until January 4, the five comedians 2019 Review and corrected, the annual gift of the Théâtre du Rideau Vert, will move their kit gags and talent at the Capitole de Québec. A first !

It’s two well-behaved ladies of our theatrical elite, and Yvette Brind’amour Mercedes Palomino, one must this review inspired Fridolinades Gratien Gélinas. This is Denise Filiatrault, another famous lady but less wise, we should have raised the journal. For 15 years, it injects a dose of adrenaline inexhaustible.


I think I have attended almost all these magazines. This year, I saw the most beautiful of all. Nathalie Lecompte surely win the trophy for staging the Gala masks, if we did not, alas, ended the ceremony.

When the curtain rises and the stage lights to let the ineffable Greta Thunberg in his vaudeville catamaran, there is no respite. Numbers one another without interruption for more than an hour and a half. This is hardly one has time to ask how do the actors to transform the speed of Arturo Brachetti.

Some imitations are unspeakable. Suzanne Champagne is truer than Theresa May and Marc St-Martin portrays an Elton John and Michel Bergeron who would giggle to one another. This false Michel Bergeron is there to honor the Stastny brothers whose “statue” adorns the entrance of Videotron center since last summer.


Like every year since he was mayor of Quebec City, Régis Labeaume (Martin Vachon) is part of the “show”. This time he talks to Pierre-Yves McSween (François Parenteau) municipal affairs, the third link and a hypothetical subway whose mayor claims he does not need having already IGA in his city!

Sylvie Fréchette (Julie Ringuette) back fondly on his electoral defeat. Meanwhile, in a crescendo dialogue that ends in the manner of the memorable pub Schiller father and son, shops Au Bon Marché, Stephen Harper and Andrew Scheer engaged in a brief post-mortem of the election campaign.

Midway of the magazine, I learned what became CBC Diversity Champion in 2025. As there are chances that District 31 is no longer on the air, I’ll hold parody in fact the whole team of the magazine. The opening night, Luc Dionne was the first to laugh.

Is the ripple effect of having around us so many twisted audience laugh? Is it the fact to review the pastichée year by actors who perform in the flesh? Is it clear that the magic that takes place before his eyes owes nothing to the technical or special effects, the review of the year’s Green Curtain always makes me laugh more than the Bye Bye CBC. What I was never prevented from watching them, it goes without saying.

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