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Luna Rossa, at work (in secret) to the America’s Cup: “Induced Millionaire”

Luna Rossa, at work (in secret) to the America’s Cup: “Induced Millionaire”

CAGLIARI. Tour for institutions and journalists behind Luna Rossa of Ichnusa pier. Photos and videos can be realized only under close supervision, the compact city staged at the port of Cagliari espionage is at home. “It’s part a bit ‘of the world and the DNA of the America’s Cup,” explained the skipper Max Sirena, who made Cicero, “espionage has always been there since the early years of’ 900 when we were the first He challenges and will always continue, is part of the game. ” And just to prevent what should remain secret might leak out, most of the activity takes place within the bed covered with Luna Rossa. Even the cafeteria, “Every time we go out into the sea we inflatables other competitors that follow us again this morning when we left there were the spy boats of the other team, we do the same in other parts of the world, the important thing is stay within your limits. ”

A team, the Luna Rossa, which numbers 140 people: there are also about 20 Sardinian, most other companies that collaborate, about 300 (some sardines). Food zero kilometer, straight job even for someone for 14 hours, half-hour lunch break. About trouble of longer follow a diet to try to get the right caloric support to withstand a load of important work.

Meanwhile Cagliari is preparing for the big event, the World Series to be held April 23 to 26. Four days into the sea where we will be racing and a village in via Roma open to the public all day. “A great opportunity to Cagliari,” explained Tourism Councilor Gianni Chessa, “Sardinia will travel around the world and the armature will be a millionaire.”

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