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or watch sports? – FHH Journal

or watch sports? – FHH Journal

Sports watches were invented for divers, paratroopers and pilots. Watchmakers have worked hard to create new shock absorbers, waterproof cases, unidirectional glasses in response to the specific wishes of some professionals. Explorers, along with their shows, climbed Mount Everest, dived to the bottom of the oceans on the moon. So that all these practical inventions have passed into normality. The shows that we put today to the movies is so reliable that it exceeds all that could be expected at the time of a marine chronometer or pilot watch hunt.

Chronographs have been refined to certify records on the circuits of the Indianapolis 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans. But current timekeepers no longer trust mechanical watches operated by humans. The measurement record is entrusted to computers coupled with optoelectronic equipment. We do also more sports car with mechanical watches. “I gladly wore a watch in competition, told me the F1 champion Alain Prost. But I quickly stopped since the strap of my watch broke away in the race under the influence of gravitational forces. I did not understand what was happening. I seemed to have something wrong with my hand. So more watches during races. ”

On the polo fields, the Reverso Jaeger-LeCoultre is unavoidable. No other watch models whose name describes both the function, that of returning the case to protect the glass. But these days and with few exceptions, the Reverso are no longer considered “watch polo,” especially if we talk about complicated watches in the range. The players certainly display with great enthusiasm, but at some point the fact of riding with a piece that is worth all the prizes in competition like a sacrilege. And what about the Reverso Tribute Duoface? It may well turn the box only to ask what dial break today …

Diving watches, formerly secret weapons wrist combat units are now counter. As for professional divers, they prefer their mini-computers developed for them, the best guarantees of survival in their eyes that a mechanical watch. As for yacht skippers, who provided regatta chronographs like the famous Rolex Perpetual Yacht-Master II, they will certainly use, but more to tack at social gatherings rather than open sea. Richard Miles persuaded Rafael Nadal to play wrist watch, a timepiece worth around one million euros, but it is rather an exception. I saw on the Roland Garros courts with its superb Tourbillon RM 27-03. But I have not had the chance to see him at his watch before sending the ball to see if he would be on time for dinner.

In fact, the “sportiness” of a watch has largely become decorative. The creators also emphasize that we have before us a special watch, more massive, more robust, smaller, more functional. But this is more than a jewel of an instrument, a toy for adult, an object of fun, more suitable to poker players as weight throwers. Sports watches now convey the image of the sport without effort, work without fatigue.

So maybe it is better to speak of “watch sports” and his own records? The champions are already there. Bulgari has just won his fifth world record in ultra-thin. Before Octo Finissimo Automatic Chronograph GMT, the House already produced the automatic watch, the tourbillon with manual winding as automatic and repetition finest minutes of the world. Omega has just beat the world record dive by sending his watch 10’928 meters. Note, however, that the Seamaster Planet Ocean Professional Ultra Deep was pegged to a submersible dive in the Mariana Trench where no human can survive. So good record watchmaker it is.

For his part, soon Zenith promises a mechanical chronograph capable of measuring a thousandth of a second. A feat quite within reach, since it has already been achieved by the watchmakers of LVMH, whose house is part. We remember in fact the TAG Heuer chronograph Flying Mikrotimer 1000, voted ‘Sports Watch of the Year “at the Grand Prix of the Geneva Watchmaking 2011. But this mechanism, which is evolving at a phenomenal rate, poses many more problems the watchmaker it solves. This watch, which is more an exception than the rule, not least represents a new record. Its usefulness in everyday life outside riders 100 meters?

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