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Yacht Club Marina di Stabia. Mario Five, star in the kitchen

Yacht Club Marina di Stabia. Mario Five, star in the kitchen

Castellammare di Stabia – As a child came into the kitchen to be a little ‘along with her mom. The stove almost hated them, because that job associated with the fact that his mother always the same out of the house, especially during the holidays. So the father was forced to accompany him to the restaurant where his mother worked. Today, thirty years later, Mario Cinque is one of the most respected chefs in the province of Naples. A beautiful story that the chef that 7 years delighting customers Yacht Club Marina di Stabia. Thirty-year-old father of two children, lives in Moiano, part of Vico Equense, with his wife, but every day along the road to get to the marina of Castellammare and get in the kitchen along with his brigade. “For years I went in the kitchen of the restaurant where he worked my mom and with the passage of time began to ask me to peel a potato or maybe cut tomatoes – remember Mario – I liked to observe how they worked and find out how the ingredients were transformed into dishes delicious. There has blossomed passion for cooking and maybe I began to realize that he could be on my way. ”

In fact it is true that he decided to join the hotel school in Vico Equense: “I was lucky – says Mario – I’m one of the last that has been formed with professors of the highest level, which over the years have allowed as a chef Gennaro Esposito and Antonino Cannavacciuolo to lead the way in this work. ” Then the first experiences that have propelled to success “in particular the restaurant Nonna Rosa di Vico Equense,” says Mario, who just 27 years has accepted the challenge to take over the kitchen of an exclusive location as the Yacht Club Marina di Stabia where it is often called to delight the palate of personalities from the worlds of entertainment, politics and business. “A continuing challenge and attractive, because it often happens to be working, and discover valuable ingredients to which we in the territory we’re almost used to – he explains – It happens in fact that foreign customers ask dishes with lemons or oranges and this allows even jot down ideas, experiment with new recipes. ”

A work of continuous study to Mario Five, which is focusing “on products with zero distance and quality – he explains – Good food can not ignore the careful selection of ingredients.” Mario is one who works, which often ends up not in the spotlight, even if appreciates “the television programs that are finally giving space and prominence to our profession – he says – The only thing I do not like is when, in the assembly, will be skipped steps that are critical to the success of a dish. ” Mario, however, is one that takes care of the details, meticulous and always careful to put up in his work. “A chef must be so – almost mocks – cook well without real passion it is impossible. That is the key ingredient for each dish. ”


Exclusively for readers of Metropolis chef of the Yacht Club Marina di Stabia has opened the doors of his kitchen, making live one exclusive recipes that offers visitors the marina of Castellammare. It is of linguine with shellfish, cooked in vegetable broth of carrots, celery, onion and peppercorns. To give a gourmet touch, the final spruazzata of tangerine peel flour.

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