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5 unmissable boats at the Miami Boat Show

5 unmissable boats at the Miami Boat Show

The Miami Boat Show starts on February 13 and lasts until 17. A must for fans of beautiful American units and gleaming mechanical. Here is an overview of five boats that will turn heads this year.

Avalon Waketoon

The Waketoon is the unlikely meeting of a pontoon boat and a boat wakesurf. A daring project launched by Avalon tenor of American boat dock. For propulsion, Avalon chose the base Volvo Penta Forward Drive.

Long .: 7m – Word .: V8 Volvo Penta Drive Forward – US Price: approx. 100 000 $ (92 000 €).

Fountain 34 SC

Fresh out of the molds of the site, this open high performance comes in a red and black livery for Miami. Along ten meters, it surprises with its four high seats bolster really unsightly but probably really comfortable to carve into the sea formed at high speed.

Long .: 10 m – base: 2 x 400 hp Mercury Verado (52 knots) – Word. max: 2 x 450 hp Mercury Racing – Price: nc

HammerCat 35

Built by CarboTech Composites & Hammer Yachts, the HammerCat 35 is one of the first power catamarans to have a wide bow very flared that one normally sees on fishings and other sport fishing center consoles. Attention to its hulls steps!

Long .: 10.40 m – Width 3.60 m .: – base: 2 x 300 hp – Word. max: 800 hp – Price: nc

NauticStar 191 Hybrid

Hybrid because it is halfway between the open center console bay boat and in the US, the latest home NauticStar is almost six meters. This model is sold at a lower price to $ 30 000 with trailer, but without motor. Approximately € 27,500 which must of course add the local tax!

Long .: 5.80 m – Word. max: 150 hp – Price: nc

Solace 345

On Solace 345, the two motors are as far apart as a catamaran even if it is a shell V. This allows a dramatic extension of the cockpit rearward. From there, a long hydraulic platform comes as a language to further extend the useful area. A dream for fishermen and divers.

Long .: 10.36 m – Width 3.20 m .: – Word. cons. 2 x 425 hp – Word. max: 900 hp – Price: approx. $ 500 000 VAT (€ 460,000) with 2 x 425 hp Yamaha XTO.

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