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Moby, Tirrenia and -All the most beautiful, exciting

Moby, Tirrenia and -All the most beautiful, exciting

Milan, February 12, 2020 – With Moby and Tirrenia, again, the holiday in Sardinia starts from the trip.

But by partnering with, the portal specialized in the world of tourism experiences on the Island, with instant booking to book in advance the holiday of their dreams, also starts earlier.

The Companies of Onorato Owners Group, in fact, confirm and strengthen this year the collaboration with, giving its customers who book trips on a particular discount specialized portal, so a code simply insert linked to their card on ship.

from those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday, The proposed – that customers Moby and Tirrenia have the opportunity to view and book directly – covers virtually all types sought by tourists who choose Sardinia for their holidays, as those who love the sea to those who are fond of the beauties, who wants to study the history of the island to the sweet tooth lovers of typical Sardinian products.

Born in 2016 from the idea of ​​young Sardinians who decided to work in Sardinia and Sardinia, has grown year on year and stood up as a point of reference in the world of experiences on the island.

And the diversification of experiences and opportunities is the selling point that has been the secret of success of the ability to book well in advance, when you holiday program, but also immediately behind dell ‘ excursion.

From Olbia to Cagliari, the island of La Maddalena island of Carlisle, through the wildest parts of the island, has proposals for all tastes and this year has further increased the number of proposals, including those studying most pleasing of all the passengers of the ships of Moby and Tirrenia.

Last year, for example, to record the highest number of accessions were the catamaran trips in the Archipelago of La Maddalena, the jeep tours in the National Park, the hiking trails in the Supramonte and city tours in the city of Cagliari. But there have been fans of herding days, those on the farm or even “a nuragico” day.

The rules of engagement are simple: go to the site, and choose their experience from those suggested, illustrated with descriptions, photos and videos.

Especially, for the customers to Moby and Tirrenia just type your discount code to make even more rich and enjoyable their holiday in Sardinia.

And the partnership with testifies once again the Moby and Tirrenia attention to its passengers and Sardinia, with tourism and its seasonal adjustment as a further goal. Because the enhancement of the territories achieved by its vessels is another added value, another, of the Companies Honored Owners Group.

Moby, Tirrenia-CIN and Toremar of Companies Honored Owners Group, five generations of the sea and maritime transport leading passenger and cargo. First in the world by number of beds and first in Europe for passenger capacity, the group employs over 5,800 employees. With the three companies, the Group Honored connects Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica, Malta, Tuscan Archipelago and the Tremiti islands with 48 ships, with about 41,000 departures to 33 ports in 2018. Through Moby Spl, the Group operates in the Baltic Sea by offering a service cruise between the ports of St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tallinn. The Fast Cruise Ferries group are among the first in the world for quality: Moby was awarded for the fourth consecutive year the Seal of Quality “No.1 gold” 2018/2019 German Institute for Quality and Finance quality of service , the prestigious Green Star on the two flagships and was elected by passengers best ferry company to Italy Travel Awards 2017. Al Onorato Group is headed even a fleet of 17 tugs of last generation that provide services in nine Italian ports such as assistance to maneuvers of ships in port and rescue activities. Through its subsidiary SPC Ltd., Tirrenia-CIN operates in the port of Catania as boarding business and rolling landing. In the Port of Livorno, also controls the Moby Shipping Agency Renzo Conti Srl and Terminal ro / ro LTM Motorways of the Sea Srl.

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