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Sailing – 49er World Championships Nacra 17-Fx: Bissaro and Frascari date back to fourth place in Geelong

Sailing – 49er World Championships Nacra 17-Fx: Bissaro and Frascari date back to fourth place in Geelong

Welcome to Australia: here the typical day that everyone expects in front of Corio Bay in Geelong: sun and robust thermal breeze on 18-20 knots! The event that brings together three World acrobatic disciplines of the Olympic Sailing: 49er (skiff men), FX (skiff female) and Nacra 17 (mixed catamaran) lives on the second day of racing, all fleets bring to six the total number of heats played. The rankings take a first face, even if the championships are still long, it closes the phase of the Qualifications and start the Finals.

For blue crews a day of ups and downs, here is the situation in the disciplines.


The British couple John and Anne Burnett Gimson (as announced are already selected for Tokyo 2020) continues a remarkable domain, even if it slips in the third heat of the day (1-1-20), and is approached by Australian brothers Nathan and Haylee Outteridge ( 02.02.17). The two leaders seem to have one more step, but both have accumulated a bad performance unwrapped. In third place a little ‘detached rising French Quentin Delapierre and Manon Audinet (in turn selected for Tokyo 2020) (6-6-8).

Immediately at the foot of the podium, just two points behind Les Bleus, are forcefully champions edged reigning world Vittorio Bissaro (Blue Flames) and Maelle Frascari (CC Aniene) through a day of great consistency and regularity (5-4-6 ). Behind them the Spaniards Tara Pacheco and Florian Trittel, all the medals in Rio 2016, by the hosts Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin, sixth (you play the Olympic selection with Outteridge), the Argentines Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza, eighths, Austrians Thomas Zajac and Barbara Matz, eleventh.

Signs of recovery for each other strong blue crew of Ruggero Tita (Financial Police) and Catherine Banti (CC Aniene), at least in the day standings at the best level (8-21-5), and even if the overall standings sees them still in 18th place, with twenty points behind to put the top-ten in the viewfinder that is on Saturday 15 Medal Race.

In the evening overtime work for Roger and Catherine, who in their own best race of the day (5) have undergone a collision with extensive damage to the mainsail and a hull, with the French and Tim Mourniac Ancian Noa, who have withdrawn.

49er (Skiff MALE)

The Venton puts things in place and installing the command, irresistible, the New Zealanders superstars Peter Burling and Blair Tuke (1-3-1) determined to defend the title won at home in Auckland. Only the Austrians Benjamin Bildstein and David Hussl (3-2-2) and the Spanish Diego Iago Botin and Lopez Marra (1-1-3) seem to keep up with the kiwi. Quarter-German Erik Heil and Thomas Ploessel (bronze in Rio 2016). Collapse of the British Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell who yesterday were in the lead (13-7-DSQ).

The wind weigh down the rankings Blues: 50 ° in general we find Simone Ferrarese (CV Bari) and the young bowman Garda Leonardo Chistè (CV Arco) (21-15-16 of the day). E ‘instead in 58th place without acute the other Italian team with Uberto Crivelli and Gianmarco Togni (Navy) (18-16-23 of the day).

Because canceling the first day of competition, the qualifications are completed today missed out on the Final with the Gold fleet, the blues continue the championship in Silver (Ferrarese and Chistè) and Bronze (Crivelli and Togni).


Big brawl in the double acrobatic female with a strong leveling at the top of the values ​​and hierarchies. At the command there are English Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey (2-2-3 of the day), before the Spanish Tamara Echegoyen and Paula Barceló (2-1-3), and the Danish surprises Anne-Julie Schutt and Iben Nielsby (3 -10-4). In comeback but still 9th ​​Brazilian Martina Kahena Grael and Kunze (gold in Rio 2016) (1-4-13), and in crisis 14th in the world defending champions, the Dutch Annemiek Bekkering and Annette Duetz ( 02.12.11).

In this difficult championship, the blue young people continue to experience: Carlotta Omari (Financial Police) and Matilda Distefano (12/03/13 of the day), close the Qualifying in 24th place and gain access to the Gold fleet Finals .

Finals will be in Silver Fleet with 32 th place in general to Alexandra Stalder (CN Bardolino) and Silvia Hope (FV Peschiera) (15-16-8 of the day), that after the race were the protagonists in the jury room, winning a protest made by the Croatian, that in case of victory of this last would have blown the Gold-Omari Distefano. In Silver also Margherita Porro (CV Arco) and Sveva Carraro (Air Force) today not comfortable and 35th overall (17-18-20 of the day).

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