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Southern Morocco: Dakhla when Oued Ed-Dahab wakes

Southern Morocco: Dakhla when Oued Ed-Dahab wakes

tourist attraction thanks to kitsurfing and windsurfing, Dakhla Oued Ed-Dahab area is preparing to great conquests. And that, to become a great economic metropolis.

Indeed, Dakhla Oued Ed-Dahab lacks the remains of attractions. With tourism, agriculture, construction, fishing, communication, transportation, Dakhla is booming. And it is “actually taken in economic competition.”

Two campers parked at the edge of the water. It is noon and the thermometer shows 24 degrees in February 2020. We are in Dakhla become one of the world centers of practice kitsurfing and windsurfing. Two attractions in this seaside town of southern Morocco that looks like an arm into the Atlantic Ocean.

Marcel is installed in a lounge chair modest front of one of two campers sunning. “You have seen nothing,” said the French tourist. He regularly comes in Dakhla. “For much of the summer and beyond, there is no little places where to park his vehicle to camp. It’s full of people “, he reflects.

Thus it is amateur kitsurfing, “a gliding sport consisting in change with a board on the surface of a body of water being towed by a kite.” Marcel, quarantine, comes from the Paris region. He crossed the road, almost all Spain before landing in Tangier, via Algeciras, and Dakhla.

Other access to this “Pearl of the South”, as we call Dakhla International Airport. And, thanks to the revival experienced by the provinces of southern Morocco, in development. The latter saw the construction in 2010 of a new terminal with an area of ​​2600 m², with a capacity of 300,000 passengers per year.

Therefore, what further encourage the development of tourism in the city of Dakhla. It is located 1690 km south of Rabat and 650 km from Laayoune. Tourism makes his bed in the city, capital of Dakhla Oued Ed-Dahab area.

Approximately 32.3 billion dinars

Moreover, hotels continue to be built with often fairly high standings. Advantage for many infrastructure development (roads, roads, electrification, water distribution …)

Also, visit the Small Museum of Saharan Morocco, located in the building of the library of the city, allows to judge the rich cultural heritage of the region. Which can obviously benefit tourism. Often with pictures, figures and other drawings and graphics that can only be worth a visit.

As this photograph of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French writer and pilot, who has traveled the region in the twenties. Aboard a plane Aerospace General Company, which operated services between Casablanca and Dakar. Dakhla was a stopover on the route.

And that’s Maâglaha Dlimi, the director of the place, which presents the various parts of the museum. Including a copy of a declaration of allegiance, from 1979, of all the tribes of the region to the late King Hassan II.

Decentralization to better fight against the disparities

In addition, the development of Dakhla is encouraged as part of the advanced regionalization policy decided by King Mohamed VI as a strategic choice. It is part of the 2011 Constitution and implements under-the Organic Law on Decentralization in 2015.

For, it has the “aim to ensure better development of the Kingdom and to fight against social and territorial disparities. While optimizing the distribution of the effort of the state on all the territories. ” A policy that has required a great investment. Namely 110 billion Moroccan dirhams; or about 32.3 billion dinars of investments initiated by the regions until the end of 2021.

For its part, Imen Cheick is responsible at the Dakhla Investment Center. It exposes us how far the Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab region since independence. The region has the lowest percentage of poverty throughout the Kingdom (3.4%). It has, increasingly, major investments and attracts promoters. Tourism, agriculture, construction, fishing, communication, transportation, Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab is booming. And it is “actually taken in economic competition.”

Eat oysters and other seafood

Thus, the city of Dakhla has adopted, for example, a Palace of Congress welcoming important events. Like the Crans Montana Forum, meeting of major world leaders.

Similarly, probably expression of the metamorphosis which the region is the construction of a new port, the port Dakhla Atlantic. An “old” -l’actuel- port exists since 2001. The new port is currently in the study phase. For an estimated cost of six billion Moroccan dirhams (nearly 2 billion dinars). It is part of the port 2030 strategy drawn up by the Moroccan Ministry of Transport. It will be “linked by an expressway with international standards and a railway line.”

Moreover, the start of its construction is planned for this year 2020 and will be ready in 2026. At the time fishing port and trade, it has a shipyard. An access bridge will allow to join him. An industrial area completes the project. With recess of fish freezing areas: the area is known for catching sardines.

In addition, export Dakhla Atlantic certainly aquaculture production and seashell blooming in the region. Breeding facilities aquatic are the remains visible in the bay of Dakhla, in front of a restaurant called Talhamar, where we come from eating oysters and other seafood.

Dakhla Atlantic and probably will export as cherry tomatoes whose plantations are one of the attractions of the city. The farm Tawarta is an example in this respect. It has an area of ​​56 hectares. Tomatoes are planted in greenhouses in height (up to 12 meters). Which can produce up to 120 tons by using the drop-by-drop.

Yet hardly believable: the region knows no more than 17 days with precipitation annually, with less than 55 mm.

From our special correspondent Mohamed Gontara

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