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Has facilities for 100 patients, KRI Soeharso Ready to Pick 74 citizen Cruise Quarantined

Has facilities for 100 patients, KRI Soeharso Ready to Pick 74 citizen Cruise Quarantined, Surabaya – GOI preparing the repatriation option 74 ABK Diamond Princess by using warships Indonesia (KRI Soeharso).

As is known, the crew of the ship Diamond Princess had to be quarantined because of an outbreak associated corona virus 19th COVID.

A total of 74 crew members are known is a citizen of Indonesia. They are currently undergoing quarantine associated corona virus # Yokohama.

Pasopsatgas Marine Col. (P) Tony Herdianto, explains, KRI Soeharso own qualities that qualified for the evacuation of citizens in Japan.

So whether or not dispatched, some preparations such as logistical support continues to be prepared.

“The kitchen facilities, dining room, and sanitation have We exposed when later evacuated citizens who will carry out the activities of eating in three waves, which will be held in the dining room with a capacity of 100 people. The bathroom and toilet in a clean state, “he said when met at Pier II Fleet Command, Surabaya, East Java, on Thursday (02/20/2020), as quoted by AFP.

Soeharso KRI is called safe in treating and managing patients suspected of being infected, so an explanation explanation. According to Tony, it is supported by the modifications made in the ship to prevent the spread of corona virus 19th COVID.

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“For this boat deck air conditioner systems, or air conditioning, and air circulation system side is separated from the other deck-deck. So we are confident that it will be safe to treat, or even to carry out quarantine of patients suspected of having infected, “he continued.

In addition to the two isolation rooms which have a capacity of up to 40 people, additional unisex facilities of the Ministry of Health which capsules isolated transformers. This facility is intended to move the citizens who are suspected of being infected COVID-19.

“This addition to the Ministry of Health that can be outputted in KRI Soeharso, the facility capsules isolated transformers, is a tool for moving personnel (citizen) who truly thought to be infected to a minimum,” he said.

However, Health Minister Agus Putranto Terawan insists it is still not sure when the departure of ships to evacuate the 74 citizen would be assured. When asked about the possibility of not so ship KRI Soeroso, he considered it not to be a problem.

“My job is to prepare everything before, no papa, (it’s nothing if being not so). Like you want to marry not be marriage, papa to ndak yo yo, “he responded.

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