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‘Santa’: safe harbor, and is expected to yachts and induced

‘Santa’: safe harbor, and is expected to yachts and induced

The weather conditions allow to continue work in the harbor in Santa Margherita Ligure also with regard to the strengthening of the outer reef in defense of the breakwater. With regard to the quay, for the second housing has been completed to cast in concrete; It is also running the third chest armor. And the first part of the quay has been removed to make way for the first new bins.

And ‘no doubt that if the work is proceeding without too many hitches regardless of sea conditions, the first phase of work (repeating for 7,500,000 euro) could be completed before the summer and then start the second batch (7500-000 with other funds national civil Protection) in October. To follow the work for the common Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Cozzio in his capacity as commissioner for civil protection. Because it’s true what they both stressed the governor Giovanni Toti is the regional minister Raul Giacomo Giampedrone: after the storm it was understood that you can not always commit to repair the damage caused; must begin and prevent the consequences of storm surges in or hydrogeological.

But there is another aspect to be reckoned with. The airport of Santa will call up part of the yachts in the harbor Carlo Riva and perhaps “customer loyalty”. An important fact that can fly the induced.

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