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The Tuna Museum takes inventory of its bunkers

The Tuna Museum takes inventory of its bunkers

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In favor of its closure, after the rush of nurseries, the museum of tuna has undertaken a pre-inventory of its collections. Exploring the holds, holds, tanks and other decks, the crew digs forgotten treasures.

Thus resurface the release hook to the former lifeboat, templates of “Prelude” (the first rear fishing wood), etched fish crates, margouillets, buoys, bilge pumps, a carbide lamp carpenter tools (minahouets, etc.), compass, pod-houarn of tuna, game Dundee sails and mast pompom, the pharmacy board, plus the most diverse models, or more land objects as spinning wheels. A true endless inventory, but who registers as a prerequisite for the complete inventory, as part of the scientific project. While some spread the finds in the halls, and other label names inscribed on a register and clarifications by the memories of the museum. Then the items are cleaned and polished for good preventive conservation. It is the lot of most. Other, non-essential or too peripherals are landed.

“Here we have treasures with things that have never been exhibited. There’s enough to fill several coolers! “Observes Michel Leuch, Captain, before dwelling on a few iconic pieces like a chain that was used to cut the ice in the cooler Etel. Other nuggets: stereoscopic pictures on glass plates that are a rare testimony of the shipyard, which was located next to the current museum, and “where we can see another rarity: the beam trawlers at Magouer “.

The museum will reopen on March 30.

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