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Exceptional trip for “Utopia”: today the launch of the maxi-catamaran in Gallipoli

Exceptional trip for “Utopia”: today the launch of the maxi-catamaran in Gallipoli

Gallipoli – After a remarkable journey in the true sense of the word, arrived this morning in the De Santis dock Gallipoli for her first official launch. After walking the streets of South Salento for about seventy kilometers (lying on a convoy of 46 meters equipped for exceptional transport) for two long nights, the giant catamaran arrived today at its destination. It’s called “Utopia” the imposing vessel that is about to become the flagship of the company “Excursions La Torre Vado Torre”, specialized in maritime tourism and rental boats and boat trips from the Ionian coast in the Adriatic.

The arrival in gallipolina dock was scheduled for this morning, and for some time on the transit via Lecce, at the entrance of the beautiful city, has been blocked in order to allow the passage and subsequent lifting of the particular vessel operations. The transport as said is the case with a long convoy 46 meters and during the path have been removed, and then reassembled, about seventy traffic signals. To raise the maxi catamaran have been used two cranes of 250 tons and employed several cars for technical escort. The transport, entrusted to the firm Marraffa, was a difficult task that required close attention, considering the volume of the load.

It was the bulkier special cargo ever carried out on the public road system in the southern Salento that Thursday evening party and suspended during the day, is advanced with caution, for about 70 kilometers, going from Miggiano, passing carefully through the center of Montesano Salentino and headed for the Lecce-Maglie-Leuca Leuca state and then link up on the Lecce-Gallipoli.

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The new boat, model Catmarine 60 passengers, was finalized in recent days. To realize the luxurious vessel, 18 meters long by 7 meters wide and a tonnage of 35 tons, the team of the shipyard Catmarine Ltd. Miggiano with the employment of workers and Salento designers and design professionals entrusted to Lecce. It is a huge catamaran for the transport of passengers that can carry up to 120 people, in complete safety and with the comfort and quality of a luxury yacht. E ‘equipped with two engines of 300 horsepower and is made up of two bridges: the main deck, entirely covered, is a unique environment with cockpit accommodates large seats for passengers and one in the bow area used as a bar and restaurant. The flydeck offers additional seating and the control console. It will be undoubtedly the flagship for the excursions along the coast for the next tourist season, but his versatility could also be used as a floating room for weddings and other services or Salentine summer glamorous events.

Utopia, a gem of sailing technique, the indicative cost of 800 000 euro up, left the lobby of the building site of the room via Monti, in Miggiano industrial zone, to head and reach, escorted with special means, beautiful city. After refueling stop and dealing with bureaucratic procedures Utopia will move from Gallipoli to Torre Vado ready for summer excursions.


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