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Vernon. The yacht club wants to turn the page 2019, a black year

Vernon. The yacht club wants to turn the page 2019, a black year

The Vernon Yacht Club, sailing is a sport association whose influence is not limited to its 63 practitioners of Vernon individuals. “The club also licenses to nearly 500 people every year, said the president Stéphane Game. This includes 115 sporting licenses and more than 350 teaching licenses corresponding to the courses, and extracurricular school groups, and businesses that come sailing in Vernon. ”

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The main disciplines are dinghy and habitable.

The club boasts four labels of the Federation: French School of sailing, leisure sports club (since 2015), sports school (7 to 14 years) and club competition (since 2017).

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“The club will bounce back ‘

The president did not hide the “poor performance in 2019” row with a deficit of € 8,100 accounts in 2018, but, he assured, “the club will bounce back.”

The obligation to control personnel expenses, by limiting the use of external service providers for summer activities, helped to clean up the accounts that have a surplus of € 7,800 in 2019.

An austerity that has passed the club, at national level, of the 77th to 149th place in the dinghy and the 167th to 269th in space: “2019 was a bad year since the club had held since 2015 in the Top 100, he intends to return this year. ”


The 2020 target is to continue to develop water activities for all ages, revitalizing competitive practice and improve the quality of management of the club. The estimated budget amounts to € 80,000.

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