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Arezzo, for Moretti jr over interdiction and new stores. Auction bis for the yacht

Arezzo, for Moretti jr over interdiction and new stores. Auction bis for the yacht

Andrea Moretti is again a free entrepreneur. Since yesterday ceased disqualification from any corporate office, which prevented him from hold positions of responsibility at the wheel of his companies. The measure was hooked on the investigation 25 million and a half that the Moretti family, according to the prosecutor in Arezzo, would “autoriciclato”. Money invested in tax and tax crimes in a series of more or less submerged operations. The complex legal battle erupted in November 2018 and snapped under house arrest for Andrea, for Daddy Antonio (father of super wines of Tenuta Sette Ponti), and for the two factotum of the group, Paul Doubleday and Marcello Innocenti.

Now all personal precautionary measures lapsed. It expects only that the prosecutor Marco Dioni formulate the act of closing of the investigation, with the request for a hearing. also involved a dozen other suspects, including family members and co-workers. In the last hours the ban is also finished for Innocenti. For his part, Andrea can now devote more impetus to Love Pull retail chain that is traveling at full speed. New store openings in Italy and in the world, also in Miami, and sales are going well. A commercial brand focused on products in cashmere and merino mixed, men’s and women also t-shirts and polo shirts. Love To Pull posed recently are some famous people like Raffaella Fico, Pamela Prati, Tosca D’Aquino, but Jacopo Poponcini, the Arezzo model that has been in the Big Brother house as tempter.

Of course, we can not say that Andrea Moretti and father Antonio are out of the tunnel, that history will be long and hard-fought. Remain effective precautionary seizures of many properties, including Love Pull brands, of course, but also the Oreno labels, Empire Vigna, Crognolo, famous worldwide for super wines Moretti. The battle continues between seizures and Supreme Court of Arezzo.

All defined, however, for the yacht confiscated to Andrea for previous legal problems. After the declared unsuccessful auction, fixed the exact date of that bis: 26 March 2020. Offers the luxurious Leopard 27 meters by 24. It begins with the figure of 798 000 euro. It raises of 10 thousand euro. The previous price of 900,000 Euros, had deterred suitors. Try again. The Treasury hopes there.

Luca Serafini

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