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A weekend of great racing in the waters of the Gulf of Olbia for the J24 Fleet Sarda

A weekend of great racing in the waters of the Gulf of Olbia for the J24 Fleet Sarda

A weekend of great racing in the waters of the Gulf of Olbia for the J24 Fleet Sarda

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A whole new contest for the Zonal Regatta

Olbia-All is ready for the LNI Olbia Contest over the weekend is starting and will involve the J24 boats compete in the port of Olbia in adrenaline-fueled races sailed in adherence to Brin pier. There are already twelve crew members who will share the eight boats made available by the owners of the Sarda J24 fleet.

“The contest will be carried out with the formula of flights where the boats, five at a time, will compete in mini regattas with routes to be performed up to 15 minutes.- explained Chief Fleet J24 Marco Frulio, Ita helmsman 443 Air Foundation Sardinia -This formula makes it very exciting competitions because the sliding intersections and turns of close boas tend to highlight the technical skills of the sailors. The unstable wind direction, typical of the port area so close to the town, make then more uncertain the result permitting, to those who will follow the event from the ground, to maintain the suspense until the end.

At the Contest will participate definitely regional champions Surrau Vigne conducted by Aurelio Bini and Evero Niccolini. Also present will be historians crews of the J24 class as Boomerang, 12.1 Saint Lucia, Molara, Armadillo, Air-Fondazione di Sardegna (boat of the Organizing Club), Northeast Construction Dolphins by Charter Consulting. To these are added other crews who have taken the opportunity to make use of the boats made available by the shipowners. These include the very strong crew of Sergio Contu Schintu David at the helm, the crew recently formed by Pino Orrù and put team standing by Roberto and Silvia Cuboni Abis.

The event, as mentioned, will be organized by the Italian Naval League of Olbia who will put in the water a first-class organization to make sure that everything runs smoothly both at sea and on land. To make the event unforgettable are indeed also provided two spaghetti dinners for racers at the end of each day of racing. It ‘also provided the presence of a truck racers and bars that allow viewers to refresh themselves during the period of the event. ”

See you on Saturday, February 29 and Sunday, March 1 for the Zonal Regatta in the port of Olbia.

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