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The Long Bolina, presented the eleventh edition of the race

The Long Bolina, presented the eleventh edition of the race

An event that, although young, considered the world’s long traditions as that of the sport of sailing, has carved out a leading role …

Riva Trajan – An event that, although young, considered the world’s long traditions as that of the sport of sailing, has carved out a leading role in the national calendar of ocean racing. This, due to its capability of renewing every year. The event provides the stage for two exciting races that Riva Trajan meet the picturesque Tuscan Archipelago. A double event that represents the tip of the sailing calendar Diamond prestigious Roman association.

The Long Bolina Altura is also proof of the Italian Championship Offshore (an exclusive selection of just 15 races) and TAT Trophy Tuscan Archipelago consists of four races on the Tuscan Islands (Pasquavela, The Long Bolina, Queen Cup Netherlands and 151 Miles). Winding its journey of over 130 miles non-stop starting from the Marina Riva Trajan (cannon shot Saturday, April 18 at 11:00 am) and then drive along Giannutri and Giglio, Ants of Grosseto, Argentario peninsula and return to Riva Trajan. In this fleet are always present the best sailing boats offshore that aspire to winning the Italian title. This race also attracts the participation of crews of two mixed people already begin your journey to the Olympics in Paris in 2024 (the races will take place in Marseille where there will be the new Olympic class reserved for crews in mixed doubles Mixed two person offshore keelboat 2024 ).

The Coastal Race, reserved for the class monotype Este 24, represents the second stage of the National Circuit Este24, and takes place in two tests with coastal path. Departure from Riva Trajan (Saturday, April 18, 10:30 am), arriving in Porto Ercole after about 34 nautical miles of sailing and the next day from Porto Ercole (Sunday, April 19th, 09:30) and back to Riva Trajan. The latter will be open also to the cruise boats in the Coastal Cruiser Division, particularly appreciated by those owners who like to sail along the coast in two demanding days of sea and evening with an intermediate stop in Porto Ercole.

On average they are about 90 boats overall contending numerous prizes, and about 1,000 people who interact with the event.

Giulio Guazzini, journalist RAISport, great friend of the wing, led a very interesting evening.

Massimo Fabbricini president of C.C. Aniene opened the press conference with his welcome address emphasizing that The Long Bolina & Coastal Race 2020 – Trofeo Banca Aletti is a fi jewel hours of Aniene Rowing Club which, with the support of its partners, this year, intends to renew a major commitment to environmental sustainability.

In his speech Alessandro Maria Rinaldi, managing to sail the high seas of C.C. Aniene, reiterated the organizing spirit 2020 edition: “Water is the element that Aniene, for over 128 years, practice sports on the rivers and lakes with boating, swimming in the waters of the sea swimming and, since 2009, in the sea with sailing. So, we could not but dedicate our event of the year in respect of this item, and we have to thank the sponsor Banca Aletti which allowed us to achieve this dream, confirming our solemn commitment: to make sustainable the choice to go to sea. We entered in the Notice of Race, in paragraph 10, Environmental Sustainability, declaring the plastic free racing and not just to raise awareness among ship owners and crews to the use of plastic board and other useful devices to our environmental campaign supported by Marevivo. As for the competitive aspect of the race, we have added new, inspired by the new class offshore one-design for the mixed doubles crew, scheduled for future Olympic format of France 2024 “.

In the organization of the eleventh edition of the race, the Aniene Rowing Club has found the support of Banca Aletti. The bank’s private banking and wealth management of the Group Banco BPM, in fact, decided to make its own contribution, confirming a great attention for all those occasions that spread messages of values ​​and positive participation with a view to sensitizing-ing toward big themes relevance and importance. Just the topic of environmental sustainability has been the focal point on which the representatives of the different realities occurring at the press conference were confronted. Varaldo Alessandro, CEO of Banca Aletti, was keen to stress the common ground of values, culture and great respect for the environment that must always characterize the real economy, as well as sports.

The initiative, stressed Varaldo, stems from the values ​​that Banca Aletti by about 190 years pursues and shares with its 20,000 private customers. Everyone’s commitment to improve the environment has to grow a lot, especially at a time like the one we are living, characterized by little attention to our wonderful habitat. In this logic, Banca Aletti wedding this commitment to sustainability and respect for the sea, illustrated, during the meeting, by Rosalba Giugni with Marevivo Association presiding. Bank Aletti has always been present in the commitment of the respect and protection of the environment, for example, also through the relationship with the FAI and numerous interventions of recovery of the Italian environmental heritage, in particular in areas where the network of banking group is established . Ales-sandro Varaldo also emphasized the delicacy of the current situation that is our country shocked by the spread of the coronavirus. The chief administrator intervention Aletti, revealed the true extent of the phenomenon, the foreseeable impact of the virus on the global economy and in particular in tourism, luxury and fashion, leading sectors for our country. Nevertheless the Banca Aletti management strategies are reassuring with an allocation of very balanced capital and a management process to seize the temporary opportunities. Varaldo closed his speech by reiterating the strong desire to continue to be a key player in the Italian private banking to bring value in the management, conservation and growth of private client assets and entrepreneurs, supported in a careful and ef fi cient, they are able to create wealth for the country.

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