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the Salon Nauticales 2020

the Salon Nauticales 2020

The living enthusiasts and marine professionals is back in 2020! Organized by Metropolis Aix-Marseille-Provence, it will be held in La Ciotat from 14 to 22 March 2020 as a sponsor with exceptional this year Jean-Marc Barr, the actor playing the role of Jacques Mayol, the famous film Luc Besson’s The Big Blue.


Jean-Marc Barr sponsor of the 2020 edition Nauticales

The film, which has united whole generations around the world of the sea, is a real phenomenon today. A documentary “Generation Big Blue” directed by Jérôme Espla and describing the impact of it will be distributed at the show.

The synopsis: almost 30 years after the release of the film, Jean-Marc Barr returns in the footsteps of filming in Greece, on the small island of Amorgos. He will cross paths with Francine Kreiss, a free diver-photographer. Together, they go back in time to relive 30 years of diving.

A 52-minute documentary to discover on Nauticales 2020 Saturday, March 14 at 16h at the Eden Cinema.

Jean-Marc Barr will be present Saturday, March 14, the opening day and the opening of the exhibition, a unique opportunity to meet!

The Nauticales 2020

With days of exposure, including two weekends, The Nauticales offer the opportunity to discover and try new offshore presented the major European boat shows winter. With more than 200 exhibitors on 30,000 square meters in the city center of La Ciotat, 400 boats will be exhibited including 200 afloat.

The news :


Last July, Laurent has achieved a world first by successfully combining the means of saturation diving initially dedicated to offshore operations, with scuba diving techniques recycler electronic management in order to illustrate the typical deep-sea ecosystems the Mediterranean, and to set up scientific protocols to these depths. With three other divers, Antonin Guilbert, Yanick Gentil and Thibault Rauby, they lived together in a 5m2 module pressurized to 13 bar, the equivalent of background -120m for 28 days. Daily, they performed outputs explore and study freely and without time limit the twilight zone between 60 and 140 meters deep, Marseille to Monaco.

The Mediterranean Exhibition / Events, after the last expedition was organized around 12 photographs of deep Mediterranean landscapes as well as a reconstruction of the “bathyale station,” interior life of Aquanauts.

Team Andromeda Oceanology also present on the stand Donia the application. DONIA work and awareness to preserve the environment by providing maps of Nature extremely precise funds that allow to anchor outside of fragile ecosystems such as seagrass beds and coralligenous reefs, in compliance with the law. DONIA offers live traditional maritime solidarity by sharing information on hazards previews sea (obstacles, accidents, jellyfish, SOS alert, etc.). This is an application of free downloadable Community charting the Apple and Android stores (smartphone and tablet), it allows all sea lovers to enjoy accurate charts and enriched extensive information on land and at sea.


Children and adults can walk through the port of La Ciotat on small and miniature electric boats. Visitors can sit at the controls of a cargo ship, a steam Mississippi, a tug … and go sailing in the harbor. A chance to enjoy a different view of the boats presented at the exhibition (free admission, limited seating on board).


This new animation will delight both parents and children as young as 7 years. The goal is to hold as long as the surf. Excitement and laughter guaranteed! (Price: € 2 fall).


Visitors can take a photo with the logo of the show to start and with a memory of Nauticales 2020. (Price: € 2 photo)

And still in 2020


Several boats may be tested during Nauticales. These RC sailboats will compete around a water course on a specific basin and the port! True regattas will be organized weekends between participants and it will take into account the weather conditions of the day, stay focused and play fine to pass the finish line. A competition will be held Saturday, March 21 with prestigious prizes. Registration on the stand The Ovéole. Sun loungers, parasols and guaranteed cozy space to race in a chair!


True traveling and innovative showcase the trades Ship offers a virtual reality immersion in the trades of the shipbuilding industry. An initiative supported by the Campus naval industries proposed by the Metropole Aix-Marseille-Provence.


La Ciotat The companies grouped under the name Athélia, will race Sunday, March 15. This incentive day to be held at the trade fair will have six boats Team Winds. They will be moored on the pontoons of the show.


Boat trips, baptisms, testing, demonstrations in the pool and in the port … All for free and supervised by professionals who will not hesitate to put themselves in water to share their passions, whether paddle , kayaking, diving, Sup Polo or even boat trips on request in Stand Up Paddle …

For the first time, visitors can try the ‘Birdy Fish “, a light sailing boat foil of 6.50 meters. A petanque and a field “Mölkky” will be installed and open to all visitors.


Meetings with the actors of the traditional Mediterranean heritage Federation of Mediterranean heritage, the Carinae associations, Caulkers Escalet and the Association of Sybille sailboat, presenting traditional trays with their stories, discover artists around the theme of sea, entertainment, marine knots, wood carving workshops sailors …


On the occasion of Nauticales, The Sea Rescue (SNSM) offer visiting the lifeboat, information on the association, their roles and daily actions, activities around the raft … See also demonstrations and staged a rescue boat with the two Sundays of the show.

A presentation of the lifeboat and the CROSS, attended by the National Director of the SNSM, Emmanuel de Oliveira, vice-admiral (2s), former Maritime Prefect for the Atlantic will be held Sunday, March 15 at 11 am the Space lounge Conferences.


The year 2020 celebrates the 8th edition of Nauticales Rock Fishing! This unique competition in France as part of a living, organized with the magazine Cot & Fishing will take place Sunday, March 15. At 9:00 am, the 70 competitors are found in the living room to prepare their line to catch the maximum small fish, immediately returned to the sea, in ports or clusters rocky seafront. The Rock Fishing, a fishing trend in full development ! A confirmed success from year to year.

Two fishing simulators to living

For fishermen, the Club Halieutis offer entertainment around a large fishing simulator. The Arfppma (Regional Fisheries Association Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’azur), will present the different fish species in the region, their biological cycle, threats to them and the measures taken to protect them. Visitors can also learn about fishing with a second simulator implemented.


Every day boat trips are offered in La Ciotat Bay, aboard traditional boats … appointment to home village Heritage and Tradition.


Upon entering the room, the children are immersed in the nautical world!

– The treasure hunt Petit Moussaillon

A Little Quiz Moussaillon be given to children. Thanks to this game, they can over the walkways and pontoons discover the living room and answer the various questions related to the sea and the environment. For this, they must travel on partner stands. A Diploma Small Moussaillon will be issued and a small gift at the end of course!

– Free Initiations watersports.

Every day for 9 days, children can do baptisms (diving, paddle, sup polo, etc.) and tests for free on the ponds or in port.

– Discover Gombessa exposure and station bathyale

– SAILS & EVENTS with radio controlled boats to learn the techniques of sailing.

Educational workshops are also offered to children:

– Sea Shepherd: Species puzzle, find the balance of marine biodiversity, fisheries and waste impacts on marine species …

– On the stand of the Arfppma (Regional Fisheries Association Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’azur), children can discover the different fish species in the region, their biological cycle, threats to them and actions taken to protect them.

– Introduction to fishing through the simulators developed by Arfppma associations and Club Halieutis.

– Go on Stand of the SNSM, to understand the dangers of the sea and discover the right actions to take.


During the show, visitors can attend conferences and round tables that will take place throughout the 9 days. This year’s themes such as shipbuilding industry, innovation and technology forum seafood Trades will be addressed by the Metropole Aix-Marseille-Provence, etc.

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