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the Circolo Surf Torbole Athletes around the world between workouts and races. Nicholas and Sophia Reindeer respectively in Australia and Spain. Bruno Martini in training in Tenerife; and the most experienced of the competitive team Techno 293 Sunday will start the first training on Trentino Garda, with technical Dario Pasta.

At the start of this season the Circolo Surf Torbole has some of its athletes thicker around the world to train and gain experience, starting in advance of the rest of the team, travel and racing, that high level you never stop. Among the first to put his feet on the table and hands on the boom brothers Reindeer: Sofia Reindeer, after the Med Cup in Marseilles where it is not able to give their best because of a fast flu, he has now moved to Spain, Cadiz, the Andalusian Olympic Week, which is committed, as it was in France on the youth board Techno 293. Good start for her, with a 3-10-2 is fifth overall, 5 points off the lead, Polish Machura (6-3-1). The races will last until Sunday, March 1.

At the same time in Sorrento, Australia, are coming to an end the World Cup of the Olympic RS: X (the last class for the RS: X outclassed dall’iFoil Paris 2024): Nicholas Renna, the top athlete in this class of the Circle Surf Torbole, after the first qualifying races did not hit the Gold Fleet and the teammate FIV – Italian Sailing Federation, Carlo Ciabatti had to settle for the top positions in the Silver fleet (from 36 th overall and up); one day after the conclusion Nicholas it is 45 th overall, but discreet 5th under 21 Thursday Brilliant performance with two firsts and a second, but came back a bit ‘ “sleepy” Friday 18-25-24: an exceptional occasion for him to gain experience at the highest level. Level that is nothing short of stellar in this last world that decides for the nations of the Olympic representative for Tokyo in 2020.

The rest of the youth team fed the Circolo Surf Torbole is ready to resume business as well as explained the coach of the Circolo Surf Torbole Dario paste: “By Sunday, March 1 the most experienced team will begin training, early 2020, with a view the first Italian Cup Regatta scheduled for March 20 to 22. Surely we are late compared to others, but we look forward also in view of the European Championship in Marseille Techno 293 expected at Easter. This year, once I released the RS: X from future Olympic Games, the Federation rush hour on Techno Plus as table under 19, the class that the Circolo Surf Torbole gave great satisfaction with the silver medal of the Games Nicholas Renna Olympic Youth Buenos Aires. As for the Foil, chosen for the next Olympics in Paris in 2024, I personally am following in Cagliari a refresher course, because whatever you think will be the new Olympic table. Unfortunately there is still no regulation nor for youth and for seniors, there is no racing calendar, nor new boards, as production in the East has been suspended because of the Corona Virus. Let us however as Circolo Surf Torbole to tackle youth activities increasingly on concrete projects to prepare the guys the next steps and then even those 5 circles. ”

Meanwhile, among the senior athletes, focused on the activities Funboard, Slalom discipline, Bruno Martini, the first Italian Champion Foil (2019), as well as holder of One Hour Classic Records, is training now for a month in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain) to arrive at the start of World Cup regattas Professionals, in top form.


Best Italian in the World RS: X in Australia

Nicholas reindeer found in Australia of course a level nothing short of stellar in this last world that decides for the nations of the Olympic representative, as well as for the Netherlands who has two of his athletes in the top two, with a ransom in the latest evidence of the already two times Olympic gold medalist (London and Rio) Van Rijsselberghe, which – as already seen in the world of Torbole last October – has found in compatriot Badloe the strongest opponent of all. For Italians, one day after the conclusion Medal Race failure to Mattia Camboni and Daniele Benedetti, although the former will be redeemed in the last tests (1-5-21) while Benedetti – Excellent on windy days with 1-2- 2 crashed in three races on Friday (34-25-32). They are respectively 13 ° and 16 °. As for the under 21 category to which our Nicholas Renna, exceptional entry into Israeli Medal race Tom Reuveny, right-tenth. Monopoly in the old continent in the top 10 with two Dutch, two Israelis, three Frenchmen, two Poles and one English. Among the largest Marta Maggetti women, sixth with an average of pretty good partial (15 points from third place), while also young Giorgia Special ITA-1 has demonstrated once again his talent is thirteenth overall and first under 21!

Photo Archive: Martina Orsini

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