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Comics for children: three albums, many facets of the hero

Comics for children: three albums, many facets of the hero

“Island – De Profundis”

After the sinking of their catamaran, Alex, Dieter, Faiza, Byron and Charly found themselves on an island. As mysterious as deserted. A priori. For if these teens live first imagined a Koh-Lanta remake, they soon realized that they were rather in a trap between Westworld and The Truman Show … I do not say more about this series that manages to find the right balance between humor, action and suspense with an archetypal cast but effective – the evil, the bad, the courageous, the geek and the simpleton – and especially a setting for all the follies (the attack of zombies hunting dinosaurs), screenwriter Sebastian Mao developed a “survival” full of twists.

And a string of gags and valves, to reduce the tension, always to good effect – the idea of ​​making his hero a MacGyver finding all the solutions to its problems in its survival guide works perfectly. The drawing Waltch himself is very traditional in a youth record, curvaceous and readability. Making this island an ideal destination for young readers in search of escape and thrills.

Two volumes available. By Sébastien Mao and Waltch. Bamboo, 72 pp., € 14.90. From the age of 8.

“All heroes are called Phoenix”

All heroes are called Phoenix, Jeremiah Royer, based on the novel of Nastasia Rugani. © Rue de Sèvres

The Phoenix schoolgirl and her little sister Cha live with their mother in a beautiful detached house on a lake. The father is gone for months and gives almost no news. So when the beautiful and warm head teacher of Phoenix interferes in the household and seduces mom, everyday could become less sad. Except that this man so affable apparently proves to be a violent manipulator …

Jeremiah Royer adapts the novel by the same name Nastasia Rugani in a sober setting stage, which only gives more strength to the story. It was first there those few abrupt reactions, these displaced words. Then the first slap. The threats, punishment and humiliation. The mother – her daughters never call mom, but by his first name, proof of an already clear earlier hyphenation – is constantly on the move, and wants to see the ingratitude of her offspring. The father is a hypothetical recourse, since evaporated. The trap closes on the two little girls terrorized successful somehow to hide the anguish and bruises.

With his line and clear frames, its bright colors, Jeremiah Royer highlights a simple and efficient way the mechanisms of domestic violence, forms of guilt and grip are created. Without ever falling into voyeurism or in the sordid, even if the temptation is thriller, especially at the end, he manages to evoke emotion, a look, a gesture, a series of sound boxes. The adaptation challenge was hard, it is largely successful.

Jeremiah Royer, based on the novel of Nastasia Rugani. Rue de Sèvres, 144 p., 16 €. From 11 years.

“Nico Bravo and the dog of Hades”

Nico Bravo and the dog of Hades, Mike Cavallaro. © Kinaye

In a world of gods and fantastical creatures, Nico worked as a salesman in the Magic Vulcan blacksmith shop, along with a sphinx and a nice unicorn scowling. When the descendant of legendary Beowulf comes kitted from head to foot to go hunt monsters, Nico has a bad feeling …

This coming trilogy US starts with a bang, with a first dense tome that lays the foundation for a dense universe and develops a first amazing adventure. Imagine mix in the same world all mythologies and pantheons of history, transforming hero Gilgamesh Millennium comics to compete Zeus and Thor for lightning jar, ask Osiris to face a horde of morts- Cerberus alive (one of the three heads is a poodle) left out … it was daring!

Mike Cavallaro did, in a dynamic cartoon style and fun, in the boxes that sometimes accumulate funny details and valves a little easier. Despite some sluggish times and a tangled scenario (we do not say anything about parallel worlds and time travel unicorn-cyborg), Nico Bravo is a friendly entertainment that wins the prize for goofy and originality, to confirm in volumes to come.

A volume available. By Mike Cavallaro. Kinaye, 192 pp., € 17.50. From 9 years old.

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