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From 70 to 270 thousand euro: I buy it new! FIRST PART

From 70 to 270 thousand euro: I buy it new! FIRST PART

Back in the boat! So why not start thinking to give us a dream? Find your way in the world of new production boats, for those who intend to buy, is undoubtedly a “game” fascinating but it is not always easy to have clear ideas. In preparation we posed a question: if today a hypothetical potential owner would have a budget, from 70 to 270,000 Euros, which then would translate roughly 30 to 45 feet, which could buy the boat?

The price range is not accidental, is what could be termed as “average” for potential buyers of a new boat. From this discussion it was born a market analysis, which we propose here the first 4 EPISODES, time to “flush out” some of the most famous models currently in production among the major shipyards. A sort of mini “book” of the new that will serve you for the next season of the lounges or just to get an idea of ​​what new boats there are around, at what price and with what characteristics. As you will read in the following pages, ranging from small cruise boats up to those from long voyages, through sports models to be used both in the race and cruise. For each we indicate the last known price list, it is the departure cost, without accessories or optional extras than the standard version of the boat, excluding VAT and transportation. Of the indicative prices still if we are to evaluate the purchase.

It used? We also thought that, in the next episodes fact, in addition to the new publish a focus always centered on the same price range, with a series of “suggestions” of models that have recently gone out of production and are on the market at competitive prices and in conditions are often not very far from new.

A reading useful not only to buy but also to get a general of the nautical sailing market overview. The full version of this service you will find in the June issue of the Journal of Sailing print and digital edition.

Oceanis 30.1

The signature is Finot / Conq Design and Nauta to maintain the family feeling with the “1” range and measure is under 10 meters not seen at home Beneteau several seasons. A bar or with two wheels rudder, with bulb L, derives retractable or bayonet.

The internal height is 1.98 m well, very rare on a boat of this size. Good qualities sailing cruiser, especially in the version with a square top mainsail.

Specifications: length. f. t .: 9.53 m; width: 2,99 m; pesc .: 1,88m; disloc .: 3.990 kg; sup. vel. 45,90 square meters; Shipyard: Beneteau; Price: 69,400 E.


It is one of the models who made “change the face” to Bavaria. The signing of Italian Cossutti Yacht Design and is the most aggressive of the new production boats of the German shipyard. Very good sailing performance thanks to modern water lines and a careful balancing of weights. Full cruising comfort.

Specifications: length. f. t .: 13.98 m; Width: 4.49 m; pesc .: 2.20 m; disloc .: 11,935 kg; sup. vel 123.6 square meters; site: Bavaria.

Price: 255 731 E.

Hallberg-Rassy 340

The new small Swedish shipyard presents the modern water lines but remain soft, the big news is the twin rudder and double wheel in the cockpit. A boat marina, but performing in a surprising way even in light wind. Quality of lofty interiors with no compromise on finishes.

Specifications: length. f. t .: 10.95 m; Width: 3.47 m; pesc .: 1.90 m; disloc .: 5,980 kg; sup. vel. 63.7 m; site: Hallberg Rassy; Price: 189 698 E.


Like all boats baked from Structures, it has the dual rudder blade, a very wide stern edge and with the possibility of having the liftable keel. Especially the design of the square deck to fix the cockpit and with a special design of the windows. Ideal boat for sports cruises or offshore regattas. Technical data: Length. f. t .: 10.86 m; width: 4.m; CFSP .: 1.18 to 2.10 m; Disloc .: 3,800 kg; sup. vel. 74 square meters; Shipyard: Shipyard Pogo Strucutures; Price: 133,000 E.


A project designed by Philippe Briand, who scored the recent Jeanneau production. A boat and aesthetically evolved into intelligent solutions with blanket as the aft deck down to avoid the step with the cockpit. Good sailing qualities in the performance version, and in general the boat project. Ideal for cruising. Specifications: length. f. t .: 12.35 m; width: 3,99 m; pesc .: 2.14 m; disloc .: 8000 kg; sup. vel. 80.4 m; site: Jeanneau;

Price: 165,000 E.

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