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Kim Jong Un Claimed Descent god, this fact

Kim Jong Un Claimed Descent god, this fact

The latest viral news: Every citizen of North Korea armed with reviewing lessons greatness of their country’s leader Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un has been good at driving since the age of 3 years. – Become a citizen and live in a country whose leader considered himself God it extremely difficult. Because as a resident of North Korean citizens do not have a voice and can not make their own choices.

Even for mengjar curriculum was already governed by dictatorial leader. So that a teacher can only run without the weigh beforehand.

Kim Jong-Un was apparently asked North Korea teachers teach subjects of interest and not in another country. To schoolchildren, teachers must inculcate if Kim Jong-Un is since his was a boy genius and magic mandraguna.

Kim can drive at age 3 and win the race boat cruise at the age of 9 years.

South Korea’s YTN television network reported that the historical facts recorded in the school curriculum. The teachers in secondary schools across the country must be taught a lesson titled Revolutionary Activities of Kim Jong-un.

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North Korean children are taught that Kim Jong-un is a skilled artist and music composer. Even Kim was able to drive when he was only 3 years old.

“At the age of 9, Kim Jong-un spur chief executive of a foreign cruise ship is visiting North Korea at the time,” claims the books, adding that he had overcome the odds to claim victory.

The fact that the regime is trying hard to make the young dictator Kim as leader, North Korea has come under fire from beanyak parties.

One of them Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor at Waseda University in Tokyo and the authority of North Korean affairs, told The Telegraph:

“It tells us that the government is not stable.”

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“A leader of North Korea must be completely successful and that success should be fruitless, and so far he has not been too successful.”

“Not many people in North Korea who honor Kim, so children are taught how powerful and strong he is,” he added.

“Children believe, of course, but teachers have no choice but to believe it,” he said.

Apparently the effort to build a personality cult leaders have been ingrained for pemimipin korea. Jong-Un’s father, also perform the same way.

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