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We were wrong, it’s not so bad this social distancing. Or rather not be in the pool of a villa, sprawled on a boat for a sun bath on a camper parked in the mountains or in front of a promontory overlooking the sea. Three dynamic holidays that work fine for months to come, regardless of standards, limits and still unknown ministerial decrees. All, in fact, provide insulation, but relax, haunting landscapes without the inconvenience of crowds, indigestion of nature and a cement diet. From administered, either with friends, sweet half, family, any relatives.

“If in 2019 the most popular service was the Wi-Fi, the research carried out on our platform in the last two months tell us that it is the pool that our users do not seem to give up this year,” confirms James Trovato, country manager for Italy Airbnb, offering over 60,000 homes with sheet of standard water. Finding them is easy: just set up the dedicated filter in the “structures.” IN SICILY – “Nest Estia”, in Marina di Ragusa. Stone cottage furnished with style and surrounded by a garden.

Same beach (view from offshore) sea itself Yacht 27 meter Pershing 88 from the Aeolian Islands, Sardinia, going to the island of Giglio, Capri and Amalfi. The routes and the right advice on where to rent a boat and how much it costs. Chiara Risolo The refrain of Mina ‘song the same beach, same sea “this year, in times of coronavirus, changes perspective: to stay safe, and many Italian coasts sandy beaches will see them from the open sea, on board a boat. Who possesses its whole is in place. And who does not have it? The can hire. Panorama has selected some of the realities of chartering to plan enchanting itineraries, to be understood, it goes without saying, in our sea. That Mediterranean which holds head to exotic backdrops catalog laps and kilometers and kilometers of coastline around the world envy. With Floating Life, a company based in Switzerland, but very Italian, browsing certainly not in sight. Andrea Pezzini and Barbara Tambani are maniacs detail, sea tailors are able to customize any application. For them speaks the fleet available: dream, to try and family relatives. As the catamaran Blue Deer, 22 meters of freedom. There is ten, convenient or comfortable Wally Love, a marvel sailing for eight passengers. Everything perfect, of course, but the costs? “A week, apart from a few exceptions, on average, it costs much more than a good standard property. Not only. Do not forget that you can have lunch, have dinner and gets a drink on board, “adds Pezzini. True, boat, thinking about it, nothing else. Without considering then “that edge that results in an unpayable do what I want, when I want and where I want to” gloss. From Stromboli in Syracuse, Polignano a Gelibolu, from Viareggio to Lily, from Ischia to Amalfi, there is inlet that you can visit.

Another address to be sure it is Mondovela, with its endless proposals ranging from the Spartans (so to speak) gulet, the luxury sailing yacht. As Bavaria 57, 16 meters, three double cabins and a bunk, perfect to sail from the Gulf of Naples to the Aeolian Islands, 140 miles in total comfort. Or Dufour 520 eurybia docked in La Spezia with pounding straight bow to the Tuscan Archipelago, or, why not, that of Maddalena, crystal paradise northeast of Sardinia. Who, however, the timeless charm of the sails prefers the engine power, can ask the Pershing 88 Five Flying Charter. A high-performance sports car (reaches 37 knots) with four cabins ready to accommodate eight very demanding passengers. Both fore and aft sundeck offers Hollywood, even if that takes your breath away is the sliding hardtop that allows you to create a large outdoor area with seating for dining under the stars around the Mediterranean. Of course it’s just one of the many jewels made available by the company. Rich also the book of Albatross Yachting Holidays, sea tour operators with a section devoted to the proof of car owners or would-long course. On the site, just to get an idea, simply enter the characteristics of the boat you want and in a few clicks appear different solutions, some accompanied by an inscription that draws a smile: “35 percent discount on the rate.” It means, for example, that a week aboard the Oceanis 48 (a 14 meters which can accommodate up to 11 people) costs 400 euro and 3000 instead of 5000 and 280. Not bad. Really worth also deals Skipperclub, Live Sailing and nautal. In any case, better not to waste time because, although of course there are no official estimates, operators are unanimous in saying that this year, given the health emergency, requests have increased compared to 2019. Then all ready to set sail. Good wind, Italian. • ADDRESSES TO BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY ON BOARD – – ​​ – ​​ – ​​ – ​​ –

The peak demand, however, should not result in a price lists takeoff: “As for the prices, do not record increases, unlike many of our hosts are offering special rates for those who book in advance and the possibility of full refund even a few days of departure”. One way to take shelter from unexpected (or red patches) of the last minute. Hygiene, meanwhile, has become a priority: “Our guidelines” says Found “include a list of 14 points with practical advice to make a thorough cleaning, a list of objects to be disinfected with special attention and advice to limit ‘access in the 24 hours immediately following the stay of a guest. ” So it minimizes the risk of possible resistance of traces of the virus.

Compared to hotels, on the other hand, the coming and going in the villas is less. The residence time, usually longer. On sites such as, or proposals abound, but those who want to indulge in an exaggerated way, forget the anxieties and horizons shriveled lockdown, can contact, a catalog of dream homes, a portfolio of residences scattered throughout Sicily, Puglia, Aeolian, Egadi, Goatherd. They are exclusively available: not found on any other platform. And they are the choicest: less than 2 percent of the villas that are candidates to be part of the catalog can be part of it. “The selection follows a strict quality parameters, experience and uniqueness” they know from the site. Stay barricaded within these havens, rather than a misfortune is a blessing.

Those who hatches a nomadic spirit and by sea prefers to go by land, should try the camper. To drive it, in most cases, just a driver’s license B. And as for homes, you can rent with turnkey solutions. Far beyond the literal sense of the term: “Before each use the vehicle is disinfected. We provide what you need to cook and sleep on board, including pillowcases, sheets, a light duvet, all fresh laundry “says Edward Barge, country manager for Italy Indie Campers, who has several withdrawal bases scattered throughout Italy, from Milan to Catania from Bologna to Rome from Venice to Olbia. “85 percent of our customers are neophytes. We want to make accessible an unforgettable experience. That of enjoying, after a very short, a breadth of cultures and landscapes, from mountains to plains. In the United States resists the myth of the coast to coast holiday. This strange summer will be an opportunity to show that Italy is equally impressive at the wheel. ”

The camper has a discrete self-sufficiency. The just, sometimes, the electricity to recharge. And then, get a load of clean water and get rid of the one used. Staging points are scattered everywhere (a census of the various app), there’s even one who has invented a formula similar to a subscription to Netflix: “The annual membership, which costs 29 Euros, entitles you to an unlimited number of free stop for 24 hours in 120 facilities of the circuit, such as farms, vineyards, farm. The great benefit of this way of traveling is the fact of being able to move with complete independence. By carving out their own route through the countryside, lake, mountain, sea and villages, “says Pauline Nava, founder of Agricamper Italy.

Different rental formula, comparable in many mechanisms to Airbnb, is the camper sharing: we rent to another owner for periods when not use. The European champion that connects supply and demand is Yescapa, with 350 thousand registered users and thousands of requests for reservations every year in our country. “What really is changing compared to before the lockdown, it is the destination. In the past, about 50 per cent of Italians abroad was leaving, now 99 percent of research is within national borders. Sign of how the next will travel locally, preferring especially long weekends than traditional two summer weeks: you will travel over shorter periods, but will more often ‘, provides Dario Femiani, country manager for Italy Yescapa.

But on board you are comfortable? “It’s intimate, is a studio, almost a two-room apartment on wheels. Despite the small size, you are right, “Barge says. The campers, narrowing her affections in a small space, balances the social distancing. It becomes the antidote, the care with the proximity therapy.

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