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The right thing to rig the sails. Ep. 1: prepare the GV

The right thing to rig the sails. Ep. 1: prepare the GV

Before hoisting the mainsail, it must be installed on the boom, setting the tack, the border and ensure slats adjustment …

Explanatory diagram :

Prepare GV port

Before the sea, it is essential to rig his GV quiet. Once past the wing walls of the harbor or safe mooring, the movements of the sea and wind make the operation much more random.

Attention to be twisting between the tack and of listening. To avoid hassles, ensure that the border is straight between the two points.

Hitting tacks and listening

Today there are several points of attachment of tack possible: Velcro strap, lashing, etc. The most current remaining assembly that achieved using the old shackle. While thinking soften the border to facilitate the exercise …

Tighten the shackle because the rig vibration can eventually loosen the shackle. No need to force either as a gross risk of twisting the piece. The correct setting is reached when the shackle can not be released under the force of the fingers.

After installing correctly point edge, we can tackle the passage of reefing lines. Again, perform the maneuver off will prove much more complicated …

Hitting the mainsail halyard

If a crosswind acting up, we can always come knocking a halyard on a deckhouse handrails to avoid the SGS occur at all is: well wedged between the boom and the halyard, the sail will wisely in its place.

The most common node to make the head point in the absence of shackle remains essential bowline. It will tighten it to prevent vibration when sending sailing, you will come to play nasty tricks. In racing, it is common to use the eight stopper knot to allow the head point to climb as high as possible.

Hoist the mainsail

Hoist the mainsail normally requires to be well into the wind. If the position of your dock does not allow it, it is advisable to wait for warmer conditions to do. It will also be shock and spill the mainsheet to the maximum to make life easier.

The passage of the slats – especially in the case of a full-batten mainsail – is always a delicate moment. Good coordination with the crew member in charge of the halyard is essential.

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