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The Start up the challenge, students invent companies’ technology in action “

The Start up the challenge, students invent companies’ technology in action “

A regional final for the first time all-digital has crowned the efforts of students and teachers in recent months in completing the educational path of Enterprise in action, the entrepreneurship education program of Junior Achievement Italy that despite the emergency Covid- 19, has never stopped. only edition with a focus on digital skills and STEM subjects, indispensable for the kids to develop skills to enter the work world of tomorrow and meet the challenges that await them. Never before, in fact, technology in action is a bridge not only to bridge the gap between school and the world of work, but an opportunity for students to deal with this period of difficulty using their skills in the use of new technologies to complete their programs. More than one hundred students from across the region participated in the program without being stopped by the current emergency restrictions. Teachers and Dream Coach – corporate volunteer managers – were able to guide the students in the development of their project from a distance, thanks to the strong expertise gained over the years by Junior Achievement in the field of digital learning. Through technology they could give rise to real Startup, creating its product or service, which have submitted to a jury of experts at the Regional Fair, the final local Enterprise in Action. Enterprise in action will see its culmination on June 5 to BIZ Factory, a historic event that will bring students and their mini StartUp as protagonists in the issue for the first time entirely virtual, that will give them the opportunity to pursue the path training through live moments of great inspiration with special guests and discuss, albeit through digital technology, with colleagues from all over Italy. Yesterday the Digital Fair Marche of Enterprise in action saw the presentation of real value added projects developed by students: among them there were those who thought the portfolio to offer an innovative, environmentally friendly and above all safe thanks to a locking system ensures privacy and eliminates the risk of content theft; who has decided to design a catamaran equipped with a network to collect the plastic that floats within a port or a body of water and capable of absorbing any formed oil slicks on the sea surface thanks to the use of a special mat; who designed a particular portacuffie / keys with GPS signal; who has created something more than just a souvenir, a real craft object intended to promote the territory and to arouse memories able to excite the buyer; who has thought about the welfare of people revolutionizing a common object such as a bench, so that it is always clean and usable.

“Despite everything that has happened, and is happening, is indeed a great satisfaction to know that we were able to complete the program, coming to the regional finals, never stop,” said Antonio Perdichizzi, President of Junior Achievement Italy. “The path of technology in action is a path that seeks to train entrepreneurship and problem solving. Never before, the boys were asked to solve a big problem due to this emergency. But at the same time, they could see that with commitment and passion you can always achieve their goals. It is really important, therefore, that the guys know how to make the most of this opportunity by learning something useful for their future from this incident. ” Junior Achievement, the largest non-profit association dedicated to economic and entrepreneurial education in school, present in Italy since 2002, helps young people to develop a mix of soft skills such as initiative, accountability, teamwork, perseverance, creativity , negotiation, self-confidence which, combined with the economic-financial expertise, are an “entrepreneurial” skills. Skills that are becoming increasingly important in this period when the boys are even more exposed to early school leaving, already at alarming levels in our country, and have even more need of an orientation support. For this reason, Junior Achievement has produced a Manifesto of Transversal Skills dedicated to the demand for teachers, school administrators, parents, students, businesses, third sector agencies and institutions, so that the programs aimed at transferring these skills are not abandoned in favor of a back to school program in the strict sense, but rather implemented with greater conviction.

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