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Wally taken by the Sino-Italian company Ferretti Group

Wally taken by the Sino-Italian company Ferretti Group

The mythical Monaco site came under the control of a giant yachts and superyachts. What appease an extraordinary story that chaotic.

If it is a brand that since since 1994 profoundly changed the yachting sector, whether sailing or motor yachts, it is Wally, for its innovation and sculptural lines, recognizable among a thousand, and have also been widely imitated left or right.

Suffice to say that the announcement of the resumption of the construction site – which is headquartered in Monaco – the Ferretti giant group of Italian origin, owner of brands such as Ferretti, Riva, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, CRN and Custom Line, owned the Chinese Shandong Heavy Industry Group, has the effect of a small bomb at the Boot Düsseldorf.

This recovery announced with great fanfare, through the signing of a licensing agreement, because nothing is simple with Wally, the site … not really being one!

Founded by Luca Bassani, who owns the brand, Wally is a time produced its ships in its own site, before closing it and any subcontract in Italy and Tunisia. In fact, Wally is primarily a brand that develops some of its models own, but also backs projects led by owners, against payment of fees.

Following this agreement, the Ferretti recovers Wally brand and is committed to invest nearly 84 million euros over the 2019-2022 period, both in the development of the brand in the product plan.

The new models signed Wally will now products on sites Ferretti including that of Ancona, which will handle larger models, this site is dedicated to superyachts.

The first model developed will also be the Wallytender 48, a tender 48 feet, whose presentation is scheduled for Yachting Cannes Festival in 2019.

Decryption – The sale of the license to Wally Ferretti Group is the best valuation that could achieve Luca Bassani on the yachting sector. This financial agreement allows it to enhance its brand could not be better, while retaining her role – he loves to the highest point – creative and guard Wally DNA. And to ensure the survival of a brand that has been as high … that low !!

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