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Fortnite: Start Henchmen over-board the Yacht, challenge Dominate Local

Fortnite: Start Henchmen over-board the Yacht, challenge Dominate Local

Start Henchmen over-board the Yacht is one of the ultimate challenges effort Dominate Local mission. It belongs to Season 2 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite.

The missions and briefings agents of Season 2 of Chapter 2

This challenge is part of the ultimate mission efforts Domination Locale Fortnite. To be completed at the final level, it will ask you to swing over-board a total of 10 associates, at a place called the Yacht. The luxury boat and den Deadpool travels the seas in the North East map. It explicitly shown on your minimap.

The map

This challenge will not cause you any problems if you know how to carry and launch a character.

Since the launch of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, it is possible to bring a player or a sidekick, and move with. Then you can even throw the character (default left-click on PC).

The challenge requires you to launch acolytes above-board. Clearly, this means that you must take a sidekick sounded, then wear it to the edge of the giant boat and launch right into the sea.

The maneuver can sometimes be prone to small bugs, so we recommend you take your swing, and jump before launching the acolyte.

Remember, the acolytes are not present in the Fair mode grabs, so you’ll have to focus on modes solo, duo or section!

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