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Summer 2020: the great Italian season signed Click & Boat ⋆

Summer 2020: the great Italian season signed Click & Boat ⋆

Sailing boats, catamarans, motor boats, yachts and RIBs, the leading platform in the online rental of boats Made in Italy suggests itineraries for every type of boat

Slow rhythms, new perspectives and unlimited freedom. The 2020 Summer is coming and opens its doors to an unusual type of holiday, where the new luxury will be security, privacy, distances, measuring costs of portfolios and moments ness. Between doubts and uncertainties to emerge is a unique approach to the sea, such as that offered by Click & Boat. Whether it is to sail or engines running, the leading platform in the online boat rental makes surfing accessible to everyone, offering proof experiences pandemic. Moreover, the sea is the safest place from infection and nobody will prevent the travelers set sail aboard a yacht or a sailing boat to finally breathe the scent of brine and freedom. All this facilitated by the variety of services offered, by which makes choosing your boat depending on budget, requirements, number of passengers and desire for discovery in a pool all made in Italy. For any means in fact the platform aims to inspire the next destinations for Italians approaching sailboats, catamarans, motor boats, yachts and dinghies to some of the most beautiful seaside of the peninsula resort, where rediscover the domestic tourism and gems of Bel Paese .

Sailing – Tuscany

What better way to nurture a love of the sea and maritime culture if not sailing in harmony with the wind rules. Among the many shades of blue and dreamy bays, a trip on a sailboat in Tuscany rediscovers a unique opportunity to know and comply with the most authentic nature, where balance and relaxed rhythms punctuate the days. Families, couples or groups of friends can enjoy the luxury of an enriching experience without speaking, choosing one of the many boats provided by Click & Boat – the sea airbnb which opens horizons. With a few clicks you select the sailing model and you’re ready to set sail for exclusive views on one of the most authentic regions of Italy, between Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto.

Catamaran – Sicily

Fun for experts, comfortable for beginners: the catamaran is the ideal boat to leave for the unexplored beauty of Sicily. The wide spaces make the boat an ideal choice for holidays together. Navigation is always nice, the common areas are very livable and bow to the network allows you to take the sun by day and enjoy the beauty of a starry night sky. Comfortable and stable, suitable for those first surfing experience because the sensation is to feel at home, the multihull offers unique views of the island’s coastline thanks to the many outdoor spaces. Sciacca, Ragusa, Catania or Milazzo: that’s the way to get to know one of the most amazing islands of Italy, combining transparent waters and attractions worth at least one trip in life.

Motor boats – Campania

Who loves Campania knows, water is all the more magical. Moreover, much of the life of this region spends there, among the waves of the sea and under the hot summer sun. For this reason, there is no alternative: not to stop being surprised you have to be at sea. The perspective changes, the time dilate, the Amalfi Coast welcomes in his enthralling silence so much as to forget everything. Nothing better then a motor boat to discover the gems from Salerno to Sorrento along more than fifty kilometers of rocky cliffs and coves overlooking the sea. On board a cabin cruiser with refined spaces and large sundeck, where you can breathe the scent of lemons and be caressed by the sea breeze will never have been more pleasant.

Yachts – Sardinia

Close your eyes and imagine a luxurious experience to surf the sea. Open them and find that dream can come true with Click & Boat is what you deserve all those who do not want to give up comfort even on vacation. Navigation experts serving travelers who love the great taste for glam holiday, where the luxury details of the decor blending the refined and contemporary design of the boats will be the flagship holidays yachts offered by the platform. Where else but in Sardegna ?! Travel with the leader in online boat rental means living a unique holiday in the provinces of Olbia, Cagliari, Oristano and Sassari, between the waters of the turquoise blue sea.

Inflatable – Liguria

For true explorers there is nothing better than exploring the waters off the coast aboard a dinghy. Whether a hobby or just an adventure, the boat offers the plus of being able to surf freely without bureaucratic problems and without the need to own a boat license for models up to 40hp. In total privacy, the hull allows himself the luxury to enjoy the best of the Ligurian Sea, its coast and the warm rays of the sun and marvel at the features coves inaccessible by land.

That of Click & Boat is an invitation to rethink their summer holidays and, why not, experiment with alternative ways to live up to his favorite season by Italians. That the coming months will indeed responsible tourism that respects nature, the beauty of the peninsula but also the strict safety standards. For the renting platform health security is the central theme that fights on the front lines, in order to ensure that all passengers extra peace of mind on the go. All vessels are in fact subject to accurate sanitization processes, including the one on the basis of ozone. A biological treatment can clean and disinfect effectively each area and local boat. With this background, no worries will be allowed on board: pack will only be accepted sunscreen, costumes and a good dose of positive energy, full Click & Boat style.

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