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#Coronavirus Yachting stopped in South Region

#Coronavirus Yachting stopped in South Region

“Most of the ports in the region have set up the access restrictions that complicate business activity. The ban on watersports also restricted the opportunities to work. Keen to maintain employment above all, leaders have taken steps to resort to partial unemployment. however, this assumes to advance a portion of wages, which can be so difficult that the turnover of March will not be at the level expected ” announces the Riviera Yachting network in a statement sent Friday night.

Ongoing discussions on insurance guarantees

To answer many questions these professionals may arise (possibility of postponing or spreading of bank loans outstanding, easy use factoring to mobilize quickly in cash, …) and if companies are committed to resolve their suppliers and subcontractors in order not to penalize the entire economic fabric, the network says it is at their disposal. “Regarding insurance: no guarantee covers the risk of a global health crisis, however, it seems that some discussions between insurers and reinsurers are open.” The statement said.

“As part of the partnership agreement that we signed earlier this year, we will also send a letter to the Urssaf Paca to ask for a point of contact for all matters relating to the payment of expenses and measures spreading, “said Laurent Falaize, President of Riviera Yachting Network.

charter cancellations and deferrals of events

Anyway, one thing is certain: the shortfall will weigh heavily on cash of weaker companies. The global health crisis is already causing every day charter cancellations (rental yachts for the week) and large events deferrals (Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix Formula 1 Monaco …). As many major appointment for these professionals.

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