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Cruise ship crashes in Coral Reef Raja Ampat

Cruise ship crashes in Coral Reef Raja Ampat

SORONG | KM Lamima Surabaya Indonesian-flagged cruise ship hit a reef waters reportedly Island neighborhood Banos Misool Raja Ampat, West Papua province.

Indonesian cruise ship carrying tourists some foreigners were allegedly traveled in Misool also do not pay entry fees to tourist destinations Raja Ampat Tourism Office.

District head South Misool Raja Ampat, Samsul Rumasukun when contacted from Sorong, Tuesday (7/1), confirmed that the KM Lamima Surabaya who take foreign tourists after aground on coral reefs and marine waters Banos Lenmakana Misool Island on January 3, 2020, but not widely known.

He said that the ship had continued his journey traveled, but the incident was being treated by the police Police Raja Ampat.

Head of the Public Service at the Department UPTD pariwista Travel Destinations Raja Ampat, Adrianus Kaiba giving a separate statement, said that every tourist arrivals in Raja Ampat is obliged to pay entry fees of tourist destinations.

According to him, KM Lamima Surabaya reported aground on the island tourist destinations and Lemakana Misool Banos has so far not pay entry fees to tourist destinations UPTD Regional Public Service at the Department of tourism Sightseeing Raja Ampat.

It said Raja Ampat regional governments now are encouraging an increase in revenue. One is the entry fees of tourist destinations around Raja Ampat.

“We hope that all tourism businesses in order to comply with the rules which exist primarily to pay the entry fees of tourist destinations,” he said.

Source: Antara

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