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On Île aux Moines, to live happy, live hidden

On Île aux Moines, to live happy, live hidden

Saturday, May 23 at 14 am, the sun hits the dock of Port Blanc pier to the Île-aux-Moines. The docks were deserted. At the time of the boat, twenty people crowd to board, his face covered by a mask, made mandatory. Even the shopping that sells postcards and gifts on the port, did not return. I opened the store for 8 days. Thursday I had a few people, but today there is not a cat!

The boat is far from complete being. Yet there is only one boat per hour, against at least two normally. On board, most passengers are visitors that will go walking on the island in the afternoon. As this family Pontchâteau (44). We ate before coming for picnics are prohibited. We’ll go around and we get back tonight. On arrival a few minutes later to the island Moines, the same conclusion. Nobody. Boaters still do not have the right to land on the island with their boat. Choco, the spice merchant and ice opened yesterday. Good ice in Blue Earth in Cléguérec, he likes to say the few customers that stop.

Her neighbor that keeps Little Breeze is little more enthusiastic. We are confined here twice. First, because we are on an island and also because we did everything to dissuade people from coming. Until May 11, the day visitors were totally banned. A strange atmosphere reigned on the island. An islander met at the turn of the coastal path along the beach Drehen, also deserted, has nothing to say. But by engaging conversation, people start to speak on condition of anonymity: Hundreds of secondary residents arrived in the middle of containment. It quickly identifies their pale faces and their poor sense of direction. Some have played the game and arrived at the outset, but it is far from the case of everyone. Or they could contaminate us!

At the entrance of the village, picnic tables are barricaded. It crosses time to time, but rarely a cyclist groups bicycle as in summer. All the shops are closed. Drehen range, the company opened Caseneuve boat rentals and beach gear since yesterday. A couple of Theix Noyalo-tried to rent a catamaran before returning to the coast with damage. The wind blows right on the beach. These are my first customers, sighs Pierrick. The beach is dynamic but the wind does not encourage either Saturday to put towels. It’s sad. Few people have put their boat in the water while we’re late May. Look, all moorings are blank in the face.

At the bend of a path, four young seem prepare their evening decontainment. Basil, Baptist, and Elio Tome, came to spend the weekend in one of their buddy, seasonal Island. We’ll do a little evening decontainment tonight, are they fun. But we pay attention, we put tents in the garden to sleep for respect distances. It’s not because we are young, we do anything.

The boat 16 hours, there are significantly more people coming to the island. Whose friends four friends, boxes of beer under the elbow. The evening hot ad. A family with two children running on the port. We are in the house of my in-laws since March 17, but we can not continue to telecommute. One point you have to go back. We return in the 10th arrondissement of Paris tonight. There was no desire. We would stay here. The mother refuses to reveal his identity. Here it is very small, it will not be frowned thereafter. In two months, we had to get out 3 times. When we arrived, we were a little afraid of being seen with our suitcases. On the platform, they meet a retired couple, arrived on the island since early March. They do not want to talk either. The islanders have obviously liked to keep to themselves. We did not have to be afraid if you were us! one hears repeatedly.

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