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Test of maturity for Bissaro: better a year to prepare Tokyo

Test of maturity for Bissaro: better a year to prepare Tokyo

Test of maturity for Bissaro: better a year to prepare Tokyo

Silvia Salis

Vittorio Bissaro, class of ’87, represented the Azzurri on the world at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, achieving a fifth place and brought Italy and the Blue Flames at the top in the world in 2019, winning the medal ‘ gold (along with his girlfriend Maelle Frascari, CC Aniene) to championship championships in Auckland, New Zealand, in the mixed foiling Nacra 17 catamaran.

Tell us how you and Maelle have built the worldwide success of last year in Auckland? “It ‘a job that goes a long way. Winning a championship is never easy but it is actually not the first important result for me and Maelle, already in Marseilles and Palma in 2019 we had great racing together. Since the premondiali appointments had not gone stronger, the best value was to remain stable and concentrated in hard times, continuing to believe in ourselves. ”

Chapter Olympics in Rio in 2016 came a fifth ‘bitter’, now as you’re living the shifting of the Tokyo Games?

“I have always burned the fifth place finish at the Olympics in Brazil since before the last day we were second, but the more time passes, the more I look back fondly. Sicouri Silvia and I were very competitive but still unripe and we paid for. Now, according to my experience, I live with less stress and the Olympic date with more serenity the way. I am so happy that lasts a year longer because I believe in us and in being able to continue to grow. ”

A degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering, these skills very high profile affect your approach to sailing?

“Well, yes … A little help to make fast the boat, but I feel that in certain circumstances too much theory is also a drag because it limits creativity. At this stage I’m looking for the best compromise between theory and instinct, and things seem to work. ”

What does it mean for you to be part of the Blue Flames? Is there a message you want to send to colleagues engaged in Italian prisons?

He has always been made very proud to represent the Blue Flames because I met a lot of strong personalities and prepared but who could listen in the important moments. These values ​​then I found them even once entered in institutions (I am stationed at the Prison of Verona). It will be the difficult role of rehabilitation, however the proximity to people with a difficult past but there is a human value very nice bottom. The message, therefore, is this: I am proud of the group I represent, I hope you are too. “

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