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Tourism. Fort Boyard finally rears its nose

Tourism. Fort Boyard finally rears its nose

“I understand that the decontainment was gradual but we did not understand that connecting ships could work as we not. Now we will be able to take people ride that falls well before the weekend of Pentecost.”

– Simon Trinquier Island catamaran captain when Wing and chairman of shipowners to sail

Outputs scheduled Wednesday afternoon

Catamaran Island or Wing / © France Télévisions

Six shipping companies from Boyardville

“It is the activity and the major attraction pole of the village.”

– Pierrick Moisy, manager of Les Bains – Boyardville

Hotel Les Bains – Boyardville / © France Télévisions

20 to 30% of sales in less

A smooth recovery

Catamarans Tepee & Zen / Zen & © Tepee

The business of the Fort

In the port of Boyardville Wednesday morning, passenger ships lovers can smile again. “Finally! But that wasted time. I can tell you that we had ample time to prepare the boats this year.” For Simon Trinquier boss Island catamaran where Wing and chairman of shipowners to sail, the previous prefectural prohibiting boat trips was considered by the profession as irrationnel.Ce Wednesday afternoon, we are heading to Fort Boyard with passengers. There are no established health officially protocol. But everything is already in place. “Obviously the alcohol gel and masks are required on. A sense of movement and establishment and that’s the crew that handles available to people on the boat and all will be disinfected between each round” says Simon Trinquier captain Island catamaran where Wing and chairman of shipowners to sail. The catamaran Island where Captain Wing is in constant contact with the ship security center to work on the protocol sanitaire.Pour traders village resume this walk activity at sea falls too steeply before the weekend Pentecôte.L’hôtel les Bains is located just off passenger vessels and is also ready for opening on June 2 “Even if I have to wait, review the persons on board for a tour of Fort Boyard reassures us. In any case it leaves us hope for disaster recovery because here shops and passenger boat, everything is connected” adds Pierrick Moisy, manager of the hotel Les Bains usually the season begins for the Easter holidays. It’s been two months since the boats to docks. “That’s it we have the right to sail, so to work and inform the crew that the season is on the horizon.” Didier has two Rouzeaud cruising catamarans in Boyardville. He adds that “from Easter to early June, this represents a quarter of our turnover. But here it is lost, it will do with.” “Now the season is going to be written overnight. I think it will restart very gradually with the opening campgrounds, hotels and restaurants. We are working with a customer who lives on Oléron not with the daily flow. ” For now the owner of Tepee and Zen works with a crew and a sales and less. “Given the context I could not do otherwise, we will see in terms of the lifting of restrictions” .Each year, from the summer, 500,000 tourists go around the Fort Boyard. It’s a bit of the Eiffel Tower Pertuis Charentais. A total of 17 shipping companies are directly concerned for a turnover of seven million euros.Toutes will now be able to head to the most famous stone vessel. And as good news never comes alone, fans of the famous game show can be reassured, filming resumed also this weekend.

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