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Franche-Comte: 5 nautical destinations to enjoy your holiday without leaving the region

Franche-Comte: 5 nautical destinations to enjoy your holiday without leaving the region

The summer of 2020 may be somewhat unusual for households. The global health situation should greatly compromising going on holiday abroad. Fortunately, Franche-Comté is full of natural and cultural jewels. Every week, the editorial will offer its subjective gratin activities available in the area. For this first, here are 5 nautical activities to discover in Franche-Comté

Malbuissons Lakes

Located fifteen minutes from Pontarlier, the sailing of Malbuisson offers a wide range of water sports of all kinds. On the shores of Lac de Saint-Point, the third largest natural lake France, it is possible for followers like for fans to try out windsurfing, catamaran sailing, dinghy, or in stand-up paddle . Schedules and openings are available here:

Lake Vouglans

If one can of course bathe the Lake Vouglans also offers boat and paddle boats for rent, and an entire area dedicated to fishing. No need to visit the creeks to enjoy an idyllic setting! For those afraid of not being able to do everything in one day, campgrounds, restaurants and guest rooms are not missing around the lake. Find more information here:

Morvan Regional Natural Park

For fans of canoeing, the Morvan natural park, located in Saint-Pere in Yonne, rafting offers all kinds of activities. Whether you want to canoe in peace, enjoying the view of the mountains of Morvan, or intense rafting than you physically, you will find what a good time. More information here:

Lake Chalain

For fans of the siesta and swimming do not wish to necessarily do business, Lake Chalain, the largest lake in the Jura, is probably the most pleasant in the region. Its beautiful beaches, turquoise water, and low rates make it a pleasant and affordable place for families as for groups of friends. Check out the site here:

Salins-les-Bains Thermal Baths

Closed for now, the baths should reopen July 13 unless turnaround. Only proposed indoor activity, resource and relaxation will be the watchwords of your stay at the spa. The benefits of salt baths and spa will help you get back into shape quickly state. More information here:

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