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Cancel Senggigi, Albatros Cruise Ship Docked in Gili Mas Sheet

Cancel Senggigi, Albatros Cruise Ship Docked in Gili Mas Sheet

Mataram-ship MS Albatros pesar finally arrived in Lombok, Monday (9/3) morning. But hundreds of passengers from the Port Senggigi nevertheless landed as scheduled earlier. Security reasons make this ship anchored in the port of Gili Mas, Sheets, West Lombok.

From pages MS Albatros observed to depart from Benoa Harbor, Bali, Sunday (8/3) night at around 23:00 to Senggigi. German cruise ship owned company, Phoenix Reisen is scheduled to arrive in Senggigi, Monday (9/3) morning around 07.00.

This ship spring was a long voyage, entitled Orient Cruise for 46 days. The ship departed from Bali and will end in Triest, Italy on 22 April.

The ship itself was built in 1973 in the shipyard Wärtsilä Helsinki New Shipyard, Finland on orders of Royal Viking Line shipping company with the name Royal Viking Sea. After it had several times changed its name to Royal Odyssey, Norwegian Star and Crown.

As previously reported NTB provincial government has given the green light for the three cruises to lean on NTB in three days. In addition Albatros Columbus cruise ship is scheduled to bring 1,300 tourists will dock in the port March 10 Gili Mas. And a day later, Viking Sun cruise ship with 950 people on board will be anchored at the same pelabuhany.

“Permissible (sign) while applying the specified standards,” said Head of Transportation NTB H Then Bayu Windia, Friday (6/3) then. (Ili / t / r2)

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